Apple iPhone: PMP + Phone

Via Engadget, So the Apple iPhone is out and looks like a PMP + phone functionalities. It’s all about the UI. I think an interesting thing is the SIM tray. Alos there are some cool ideas, need to see how usable is the UI and how reliable will be the OS. I noticed there are some attention to details that phone manufacturers would need to look at. Price, $499 and $599 for 4Gb and 8Gb on sale starting June from Cingular. It’s pretty much an Apple MVNO where they control the content. They want to reach 1% market share in 2008!
Anyway, I think not a revolution since you still need a computer to sync all the content and there is no mention of games or application development. So iPhone = PMP+phone.



  1. Jarek says:

    It’s beautiful! I want one! :)

  2. Alexandre says:

    do you know if it flash lite enabled? or even flash player?

  3. Gareth Evans says:

    Check the bottom screenshot second column from the left, at the bottom there seems to be the safari ‘missing plugin blue brick’. I took a look at the nyt website and there shoud have been some flash content there.

    Take from this what you will, we’ll just have to wait until we’ve given a more detailed spec.


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