Skype petitions FCC for open cellular access

Via CNet, Skype petitions FCC for open cellular access. This action demonstrate that the only reason Skype does not have a mobile verison of their client for download is because the operator/carrier don’t want it. Now, I personally think that once I get the phone, the SIM and I pay my bill, I can do whatever I want with my mobile phone!!

“In a document dated February 20, Skype asked the FCC to apply to the wireless industry what is known as the “Carterfone” rules, which would allow consumers to use devices and software of their choice on cell phone networks.”

It’s like operators/carrier decide what I can and cannot do with my mobile phone. They want to decide which phone numbers or data I can/cannot call or request.

Why a data connection should be different from a phone call? They actually block data connection that they do not like. Hoope the ruling goes in favor of Skype and we are free to use whatever data service we want!!

I use data a lot on my Nokia mobile phones, usually I commute to work listening radio via my phone, live from Italy, using the Nokia Internet Radio software. I am just waiting for a phone call from T-Mobile!!

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