Nokia N95 8GB firmware upgrade adds Flash Lite 3 support?!

Via AllAboutSymbian, according to Steve, the firmware V 15.0.015 released today for the Nokia N95 8GB adds Flash Lite 3.

Now, he tested by visiting the YouTube site and he was able to see Flash Videos. So I am not sure if Flash Lite 3 is available as standalone too.

Need to get more infos, but it seems that Nokia went to the firmware upgrade way to upgrade the Flash Lite player runtime.

Personally I do not like it. If people were complaining about fragmentation before (different version of Flash Lite on different platform, which actually was a understandable order) now it might become a nightmare!! There is no way to detect which Flash Lite version a phone has until you install the content on it.
For one thing, WURFL for Flash Lite will need a special patch by looking at the firmware in the User Agent string!!


Update: I just tested this firmware on a Nokia N95 8GB using the Remote Device Access service, and I can confirm Flash Lite 3 is part of the firmware as standalone, screesaver and browser implementation.

Not sure if this will become a standard practice of upgrading the runtime using the firmware, but for developers will become an issue. I would liked to see the animated ringtone implementation been added, but it’s not there!

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  2. Bill Perry says:

    I’ve tried doing the nokia software update and it only allows me to update my device to 11.0.026 – and no FL3 updates. According to Steve he shows his firmware update to 15.0.015 – not sure how he’s getting that version. Still trying to find out why I’m not able to get the latest update.

  3. biskero says:

    Ciao Bill,

    I think it depends on which region your phone is from. You can change that using the NSS tool to change the region code.


  4. To Bill: I know in the past I’ve not been able to update firmware because it is not released within a specific region.

    For instance, I switched to UK (via a hacking tool) a while back just to get the 1st firmware update for the original N95.

    Whoops, I just read AP’s comment. I’ll submit anyways. :)

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  7. Rob Rusher says:

    Nokia Updater now has the US version 20.0.015 for N95 (RM-159). I just did the update last night.

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