Flash Lite Friday Digest #4

Flash Lite Friday Digest is a condensed and organized set of links that help users to get a weekly overview on the Flash Lite mobile world.

The “BIG BANG” news from this week is that Verizon Wireless to Develop Falsh Mobile Ecosystem in Norht America. This is a fantastic news that every Flash Lite developer was waiting for.

Continuing the great news: from NTT DoCoMo regarding the i-Channel FlashCast service: 2 Million subscribers from September 2005. This is a great news, Flash Lite content seams a killer content technology.

Again from Japan Flash Lite Portal from David.

Mobile Monday around the world looked at Flash Lite:

S60.com digs Flash Lite with Flash Lite enable phones, Flash Lite application – and FL evolution, Your links to sample Flash Lite 1.1 Applications.

The other cool news is that the first Flash Lite enabled phone Nokia 3250 is shipping and the lucky man is Scott, happy owner of one those toys!!

Marco found an interesting post regarding Mobile web 2.0: AJAX for mobile devices (previous post). This is an interesting technology and it will probably have a space in mobile browsing applications.

Bill asked the Flash Lite developer community about Flash Lite 2.0 content to show. “If you have something cool please send it to me and perhaps we’ll be able to promote your work through various Adobe marketing campaigns. Thanks!”

As far as I know the guys at ShopQwik.com creating the first commercial Flash Lite 2.0 application: ShopQwik Mobile

Interesting post by Eric on how to use the Tween class and the Flash drawing API in Flash Lite 2.0. Sample code for download included, always good!

Flash Lite enable phones this week: Sony Ericsson W700i


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