Book Give-away: Flash iOS Apps Cookbook

Just got the change to get the eBook for the Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. You have a chance to get the eBook for two readers of my blog (see below instructions).

Flash iOS Apps Cookbook is written by Christopher Caleb. With this book, one can learn how to quickly build and deploy a simple app to iOS device, its a best practice for porting existing Flash projects and access input sensors including the touch-screen, the accelerometer, GPS and the virtual keyboard. It also helps you render web pages directly within your app and work with Flash video and audio. Flash iOS Apps Cookbook is your toolkit to creating high-quality content for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.”

Book Give-away: Hold a chance to win free copy of the Flash iOS Apps Cookbook, just by commenting! For the contest we have two copies of Flash iOS Apps Cookbook to be given away to two lucky winners.

How you can win: To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment below highlighting the reason “why you would like to win this book”.

Duration of the contest & selection of winners: The contest is valid for 15 days (until March 7th), and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted.



  1. Dev Vandal says:

    Flash is the best choice to develop fun and interactive games, much more easier and efficient than using the Native Objective-C in iOS. As a Flash developer over a decade, I would like to know more the development skills of Flash for iOS.

  2. Paul Hinrichsen says:


    I am very keen to start building apps for the i_phone mainly because I built an indoor navigation app for Symbian devices and tried to market it in the USA (it was a requirement for the competition I had entered). Needless to say I did not get many downloads. However there is a company interested in marketing my app in the USA but I need to re-publish it for both Android and for the i-Phone. I am currently busy with the Android build and it is going well but have not yet touched the i-Phone build.

    Thanks for the offer.May the best person win !


  3. celsyum says:

    Flash is like water to me. Its my air , bread and hobby together also. I have enough experience in web software development and I need more experience. This book would be a big step in mobile software development for me.

  4. Ekleptica says:

    Hi Alessandro,
    in the last year I have switched to native iOS development, leaving aside my beloved flash/flash lite.
    I have somewhat lost sight of the advancement of Flash on mobile devices, and this book seems a good opportunity to look into it again!
    Best luck everyone :)

  5. chall3ng3r says:

    Flash is an amazing technology, and now fully supports making native iOS games and apps. I would love to learn some tricks specific to iOS game development shared in this new book.

    // chall3ng3r //

  6. Paul says:

    I wish to set the Apple iWorld alight with the genious of my Flash work – too long have they suffered without my genious.

    (OK, it’s probably more about it being a cool book that will make my flash to iDevice transition, super-simple).

  7. Eric Hélier says:

    As a Flash Developper in a company that develops augmented reality / computer vision applications, i already tried a lot to convince of the interest of the Flash Platform to allow porting our technologies to Mobile/Tablet platform (that we plan at this time to develop in ObjectiveC/C++/Java)
    But in the “buzzing landscape” around Flash this times, i got some difficulties.
    I already tried some tests on my own with an IPAD, but with the help of a good book, i’m sure i would achieve some convincing results !

  8. Kevin Braun says:

    I’ve been working professionally with flash since before it was flash (futuresplash) and always love to learn new tricks :) I would love this book to help me do so.

  9. Jakob says:

    I am very curious if Flash on iOS can beat Native developed Apps. Yes I know Flash will be an native App as well, but it is still converted into it. I am very curios about the new book.

  10. iBrent says:

    I would like to win this book so I can take it and shove it in the faces of all those PhoneGap and Corona developers and say “See, I can create cool apps for iOS using Flash!”

    Then I’d publish the most kick-butt apps out there.

    AIR for iOS FTW!!!


  11. I’ve been a flash dev for more than 10 years. The mobile platform is very challenging for an old geezer like me. I work in a social gaming company, and I constantly push to the bosses to take a look on iOS compilation from the flex sdk. The possibilities are endless.
    Tho, before they validate such a project, I need to convince them. And before I can convince them, I need to know everything there is to know, including pitfalls. And to learn everything there is to know about flash compilation to iOS, I need your book, don’t I? :)

  12. Harish says:

    I just quit my full time job to become a full time indie developer.. Flash is all that i use for building games.. I am very interested in using flash for mobile so that i dont have to rework the sweat and tears that went into building the web version..
    I am grateful to anybody who helps in these efforts and a book like this would be a great asset for me…

  13. Giorgos Ampavis says:

    Flash to iOS is a very tricky business due to performance (and because of the negative publicity).

    I am hoping that your book will help me create awesome games that will run perfectly on iPhone/iPad and at the same time support as much as possible the Flash Platform!

    Flash rules!


  14. Marcos says:

    Flash is a great tool for doing some kind of apps on mobile ecosystem. Using it for targeting some platforms with AIR allow developers to create great apps that works well in a lot of scenarios like: casual games, video apps, interactivity, multimedia contents and more. And you can re-use your knowledge for different platforms like iOS, android, BlackBerry Playbook and more!

    One thing makes flash special is the community behind it. Great developers that always are thinking in share tips and information about the better way to create top quality content. Books like this one are important to spread the word!

  15. I would read it while trying to figure out, why it isn’t called “Flash iOS and Android Apps Cookbook” as I guess it would double it’s reach without any major changes.

  16. Eulochi says:

    This is the perfect time for Flash developers to grow. This book will help both novice and advanced actionscript developers and will have that convincing power for other developers in their respective languages to look at Flash in a different way. Some have shifted to other native languages because of the frustrations brought about by limitations of Flash, but Flash have advancements now in AIR3.2 now. Its time for flash apps to populate the global market!

  17. biskero says:


    very cool comments and thanks for partecipating to the contest.
    Here are the winners I picked for the eBook:
    Paul Hinrichsen
    Nicolas Bousquet


  18. Paul says:

    Thanks Alessandro.

    Thanks for the gift – much appreciated.

    There was a comment from someone that they wanted to brag to all the corona and phonegap developers about the power of Flash. I was caught in the situation where as an AS2 developer I had to either teach myself AS3 or switch to coronna or phonegap. I am pleased to say I chose Flash and after a bit of a struggle I now have a good grasp of basic AS3.

    Looking forward to the day Flash can also package for Windows Phone.


  19. Whoohoo ! Thanks ! This goes to twitter/facebook and my scoopit right now !

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