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My new toy: BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

At the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona I had the opportunity to follow the RIM developer day and they gave everyone a new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0. Here an unboxing video.

One of the interesting features, beside support for AIR 3 and Flash, is that the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 supports Android applications. Their Android implementation supports [...]

Attending Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona

I will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. It’s always a great conference to see and it’s a great way to meet new people in the mobile spance. There will be also the developer conferences.
Also I will be attending the various parties and events during the week.

Mobile Sunday Barcelona
Mobile Premier Awards 2012
GoMo [...]

Intel MeeGo Tablet pictures

I wanted to post few pictures of the Intel MeeGo Tablet. Will do a video as soon as possible.

By the way, words from Intel people, it runs Flash and AIR Mobile apps!

Mobile World Congress 2011 pictures

Came back from Barcelona yesterday while I was attending the Mobile World Congress 2011, here some pictures:

It was a great event with more than 60000 attendees. I went to several developers related events from Nokia, RIM, Windows Mobile, Intel and HP. Got couple of gifts, Nokia E7 and an Intel MeeGo tablet ! Will post [...]

Nokia more than phones!

Before heading to Mobile World Congress, I am reading a lot of the blogs and comments after the announcement made by Nokia to shift to WP7 OS.
Yesterday was also a moment in history, Egypt revolution. Can be compared to the Berlin wall coming down. Well here is picture from that puts the two news [...]

AAS Insight #152 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight #152 podcast is available:

Nokia Bike Charger
Nokia Internet Radio for Symbian^3
MWC look ahead, brief discussion of looking ahead to friday’s Analyst and Financial event.
PR 1.1 for Nokia C7, N8 and C6-01
HDR Camera
Ewan on Nokia C5-03

e juice

Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona

This year too, I will attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It’s always been a great event to get the latest news, meet some great people in the mobile world and have some fun in Barcelona.
Here is a list of all App Planet Developer Conferences which I am planning to attend all of them!
Plus [...]

Nokia C7 pre-orders in some countries

Via EngadgetMobile, in some countries pre-orders are starting to roll-out for the Nokia C7
диван купить киев

Adobe video interviews on Flash 10.1 and AIR Mobile

Via, here are couple of videos from Adobe about their recent showcases:


Flash 10.1 not on all Androids

Via IntoMobile, looks like that Flash 10.1 will not be on all Androids devices due to the minimum hardware specs that Flash 10.1 from Adobe requires.
“Last week at Mobile World Congress, Adrian Ludwig, Adobe employee, stated that Flash 10.1 will run on phones with ARM Cortex-A8 (in the ARMv7 –A family) or better processors and [...]

My new toy: Google Nexus One

During the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona I signed up (thanks to Andrea) for the Android developer mini conference. Surprising everyone, Google gave away a brand new Google Nexus One to anyone who attended the sessions.

I played a bit with the phone. It’s very responsive (I bet, with a 1Ghz CPU!!). Touchscreen is good, [...]

Videos: Adobe at the Mobile World Congress 2010

Check out these videos about Adobe at the Mobile World Congress 2010.
“Watch as Adobe previews some of the web innovations enabled by the Adobe Flash Platform runtime for mobile devices running a myriad of applications both inside and outside a browser.”

Mobile World Congress 2010

I will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, leaving this Sunday to begin the party time! Here are the events I am planning to attend:

Mobile Sunday Barcelona 2010
Mobile Premier Awards
GoMoNews Blender
WipJam Party & Swedish Beer
WipJam MWC

As previous years one of the evenings there will be a beer night tradition so let’s get [...]