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Nokia Mobile Web Server 1.4 beta released

A new release of Nokia Mobile Web Server is available.


Forum Nokia Mobile Web Server Challenge

Another contest from Forum Nokia Mobile: Web Server Challenge


My Mobile Site widgets launched

Via Nokia Beta Labs blog, the Mobile Site widgets has launched.
“My Mobile Site Widgets is a set of widgets visible on your PC (Windows or Mac). With these widgets, you can view the contents of your mobile phone and initiate certain operations like SMS sending or call initiation over a secure HTTPS channel. The widgets [...]

PHP and MySQL on Symbian

Maximiliano has a post on the Forum Nokia blogs about the porting of PHP and MySQL to Symbian.

Mobile Web Server: new release

Via Mobile Web Server Blog, there is a new release of the Mobile Web Server from Nokia.


PHP and MySQL coming to S60!

This is a pretty cool news: PHP and MySQL coming to S60! Combined with the fact that you can run Apache S60, Mobile Web Server, Python S60, on these phone already and that the Web Runtime is coming to S60, it seems a pretty powerful set of technology additions.
I am already thinking how to integrate [...]

Mobile Web Server book published

Via Mobile Web Server blog, they put together a book about the S60 Web Server.
“This book was designed to fulfill a multitude of roles. First, it provides an introduction to the mobile Web server concept and the actual products currently available. This enables readers new to the topic to learn quickly and easily just what [...]

New Mobile Web Server version is out

Via Jukka, if you do not S60 mobile phones can run the Mobile Web Server based on Apache. You can get the latest implementation here and create your own site.

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S60 blog: Mobile Web Server Blog

A new blog from the site: Mobile Web Server Blog.
right, if you do not yet, you can run a Apache Web Server of your Nokia S60 device!! When first came out I did a little experiment, check it out.
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Nokia Web Server review

Via AllAboutSymbian, Rafe has a great review of the Mobile Web Server from Nokia. The concept is pretty simple and powerfull, run a web server from your phone!!

I played with the Racoon project before serving Flash Lite content within a web page from a phone to another phone.

Host a Web Server on you Nokia mobile phone

Some Flash Lite developers want to create Flash Lite applications which connects to the internet to retreive some data but they do not have a server. Well just use the Apache S60 for your Nokia mobile phone.
Here is the scenario. Install the Apache S60 web server and the Python S60 on your Nokia, both are [...]

Games workshop at Nokia Reseach Center

The Nokia Research Center last week, had thier Games Workshop.
There are some very presentations to look at:

Casual Gaming
Pervasive gaming
Mobile Game Development

Also check out the Nokia Open Source WiKi page which contains information about their open source projects.