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Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T) at $45

This is pretty sweet deal, $45 on Amazon for the Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)


Nokia Windows Phones in the market

At the current moment Nokia has produced 5 Windows Phones:

Nokia 800c
Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 710

Yestrday the Nokia Lumia 900 was launched in the US. It’s going to be interesting to see how it does with ATT.

ATT: energy-efficient apps

Via ATT Research Lab, an interesting article focusing on how to create energy efficient mobile applications.

“Energy states are characterized not only by battery consumption, but by utilization of network resources. In fact, the app and network together negotiate the proper energy state for the device. When the device needs to transmit data, [...]

2010 Calling All Innovators – North America developer contest

Another great contest from Nokia, this time in USA, 2010 Calling All Innovators contest from Nokia and ATT with a $10M prize!
More infos about the categories
“You can build apps for the Nokia N8 in three ways depending on your existing skills or aspirations

Symbian, Android, iOS and developers: Nokia Qt SDK – the new way to build [...]

Nokia Developer Day at CTIA

Join Nokia and special guest AT&T for Nokia Developer Day in San Francisco on October 5, 2010 during CTIA Enterprise and Applications show.

How to use the new Nokia Qt SDK to create advanced native apps for the Nokia N8 and more new Nokia devices in the future
How to use Nokia Web Runtime [...]

Mobile Application Store revenue share 90%, why not?

Yes you read right, the Mobile Application Store revenue share should be 90%. Japanese OEM/Operators are the best example to follow on this and soon or later it will happen elsewhere.
But why not sooner then later? Why not Nokia or Samsung just on this and beat everyone else on competing in the Application Store revenue [...]

Mobile App Stores are wallet garder silos?!

After my previous post, Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?, Andrea posted a message on twitter which is a very well known issue for long time for anyone in the mobile space. Before there were carriers/operators that were the gate to get mobile content now OEM have been added [...]

Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?

This interesting post at IntoMobile is saying that 70/30 % revenue split is too low. The strange thing is that there is little to no competition between all mobile Application Stores on revenue share. Really strange, no? It’s very unusual that this is not discussed widely in the mobile industry. It would be normal to [...]

Flash 10.1 – installations/updates for mobile

Mark posted some information regarding the Flash 10.1 installations/updates for mobile phones. The method seems very similar to the distributable player method that was created last year.
Now about the detection of the player version, looks the same as the web plugin, which lift us from keeping track of Flash player versions in WURFL. I asked [...]

AT&T getting the Nokia E71 with E72 naming?

Via Engadgermobie, ATT might be getting the Nokia E71 but seems that will it rename E72, similar to what happened to the E61/E62.Most likely they will get the Nokia E71 NAM version.
Hopefully they do not strip all the cool functionality as they did we the previous one.

Nokia 6650 on AT&T

Via AllAboutsymbian, looks like the Nokia 6650 will be available on ATT.


Symbian goes Open Source !

This is pretty big news, Nokia buys Symbian and the Symbian OS goes Open Source, Symbian Foundation.
Here is a white paper with more infos.
“The foundation will also provide the integration for other commercial development environments including Java, Adobe FlashLite and Microsoft Silverlight enabling device manufacturers to integrate into their devices offering and further expand the [...]

AT&T Prepaid 3G Data

Via Darla, it seems that ATT is getting closer to Europe by launching pre-paid data services. Pre-paid mobile service is the norm in Europe. Italy for example has around 90% of people on pre-paid!!!

Flash Lite handsets statistics for 6 countries!

Via Bill, statistics about the number of Flash Lite handsets in 6 countries. Here is the doc.


US carriers have no idea how to keep customers!!!

Ok, this is funny !
I am on T-mobile for the past 4 years and never upgrade my phone, Nokia 6600!! So I tried to get a new phone from them, a Nokia 6133 (refurbished!!) or the Nokia 6263. They asked me to sign a 2 years contract and that will get me the Nokia 6263 [...]

Nokia: 6-12 phones for North America in ‘08

According to this article on CNet, Nokia will launch 6 to 12 new handsets for the North American market in 2008. This is a pretty cool news.
“Its biggest customers in the region are U.S. market leader AT&T and fourth-ranked T-Mobile USA, owned by Deutsche Telekom. Both run networks based on GSM, the wireless technology Nokia [...] on the iPhone

Here is my blog on the iPhone.

Well, I have WURFL installed and I can detect which phone is accessing my blog. The iPhone could display the entire site, so with WURFL I have the option to do it.
Also WURFL includes Flash Lite information, so you can use it to display Flash Lite content within [...]