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Breakdesign Flash Lite games pass 1M downloads

Breakdesign Flash Lite games passed 1 M downloads from the OVI Store.


Flash Lite game: Horseface – Running the forest

Here is a new Flash Lite game from BreakDesign: Horseface – Running the forest

“Horseface was born blue with a face like a horse. Take Horseface on an adventure by running him through the forest, jumping over objects and collecting items. Sausage his BFF is there to help, together rack up points and submit to the [...]

Flash Lite game: 10PM

Here is a new game from the guys at BreakDesign: 10PM

“Well, this game is only to be played after 10PM at night, doing so before might give unexpected results! So how did we combine a warm fuzzy love story with blood-thirsty zombies? You will have to download to find out!”


BreakDesign showcase games

Here is a great post about BreakDesign recent games release on the OVI Store.


Flash Mobile game: Ninjani – Emperors Revenge in the OVI Store

Via Barking Seed, the Ninjani – Emperors Revenge mobile game is available for free in the OVI Store BreakDesign page .

“Only the most deadly of Ninjas will be able to complete this quest. Test your shuriken skills against fearsome foes across multiple levels and you might become the Ninjani Grand Master!”

Flash Lite game: That Roach Game South Africa

Here is a great and addictive(!) Flash Lite game from the guys at Breakdesign: That Roach Game South Africa.

“Want to visit Africa and kill some of it’s nastiest crawlies, go ahead, make our day! That Roach Game is a simple, fun roach squashing game available for Nokia Touchscreen devices. Post your score to achieve fame [...]

Interview of Rick Treweek, co-founder of BreakDesign

Here is a great interview of Rick Treweek, co-founder of BreakDesign. Is a good read for anyone getting into developing Flash Lite content.