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Mobile and Devices cookbook beta!

Here a new resource for the Flash Lite developer community: Mobile and Devices cookbook beta

Flash on Mobile Devices surpassed Flash on Desktop !!

A tal riguardo vengono adottati dai migliori Casino italiani speciali sistemi di crittografia, che hanno il compito di proteggere le informazioni personali dei giocatori.

Adobe Mobile Content Delivery Protocol published

Today Adobe published the Mobile Content Delivery Protocol, here the spec.
“The Mobile Content Delivery Protocol defines a mechanism for delivering applications (called channels) and synchronized data sets on which the applications operate (called feeds) to mobile devices. The protocol includes a control-flow mechanism for managing channel subscriptions and application preferences.
This protocol is implemented in the [...]

The EDGE: Adobe Experience Design team mobile demos

There is a cool video at the EDGE from June: Adobe Experience Design team mobile demos
“Experience Design Manager Matt Snow provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Adobe XD Mobile and Devices team and demos several applications currently under development.”

Latest Flash Lite and Flash Home Apps

Here is the latest video podcast from John Agger showing the latest Flash Lite and Flash Home applications focused around major brands such as Nickelodeon, Nasdaq, and Barcardi.


Sneak Peek at MAX: Flash Home for Mobile

Thanks to Paul, here is a video of a sneak peek of Flash Home for Mobile running on a Motorola phone on Verizon network.
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Adobe CS3 conference in Boston tomorrow

The Adobe CS3 conference is in Boston tomorrow. I will attend and post some news.

Motocast competes with FlashHome

Via Fierce Mobile Content, Motorola is working on a mobile application called Motocast which delivers content to the home screen of mobile phones
“The MOTOCAST technology represents another innovation for Motorola and the mobile industry, delivering valuable information and content, from a number of providers including Reuters, direct to the home screen of customer phones. The [...]