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Re-Elected Adobe Community Professional

I have been re-elected Adobe Community Professional, thanks to Adobe. I think this is my 7th time since 2005!
Wow pretty cool !
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Nokia Developer Champion of the month !

Wow! This is great, I have been nominated Nokia Developer Champion of the month for April! This is my 3rd time and I am really happy to be part of the program since 2006!
Thanks to the Nokia Developer Champion program and to those who selected me and to the great words!!!
“Nokia Developer Champion Alessandro Pace [...]

Nokia Symbian Belle rolling out!

Via MyNokiaBlog, looks like Nokia Symbian Belle rolling out! Just installing Nokia Symbian Belle on my Nokia N8, let see what it brings !
Check via Nokia Suite if the update is available, it might take few days to reach everyone. The update is rolling out for other Symbian^3 devices too.
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My new toy: Nokia X7

Here is my new toy Nokia X7 which I won for the Calling All Innovator contest from Nokia.


Flash devs are not Mobile devs, that the problem!

Yeap, that’s the problem! Flash developers are not Mobile developers! The mobile developer thinking is very different from other developers.
In the mobile world, fragmentation is mobile! You must enbrace it not fight it ! You won’t find anyone on the planet, about 4 billions mobile phones, who have 2 equal phones with the same apps, [...]

Flash for Mobile browsers dead, finally !

Here is a surprising news from Adobe, they are closing development for Flash on Mobile browsers. Finally! Why I say finally? Because there are no developers who are targeting the mobile browser with Flash, cannot make money with it!
I have always mentioned this to developers, how do you make money from Flash withing a mobile [...]

Native extention for AIR Mobile, good or bad?

Got a tip from Stuart about a new site focusing on native extention for AIR 3.0 for mobile devices. While I think native extention are a great solution I personally think it’s not the best.
As usual the developer community covers technology deficiency by extending functionalities. But this is a short cut by technology provider [...]

Symbian Anna and Belle

Nokia released a new update for their Symbian^3 devices, Symbian Anna. They also announced the latest Symbian Belle OS in addition to several devices which are all Flash Lite 4 enabled:

Nokia 500
Nokia 600
Nokia 700
Nokia 701

I just installed Symbian Anna on my Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 and it looks like a great update especially the [...]

Symbian Anna coming July/August

Via Nokia Conversation, looks like Symbian Anna OS update is on the way to customers first and than in August as an update for current users.
“Upgrading to a ‘new look’ phone is free and easy. You can update your device with your PC or over-the-air from the software updater in the phone. The [...]

Nokia T7 and Nokia 702T, Flash Lite 4.0 enabled

The Nokia devloper site has published the details for 2 new handsets for the Chinise market, the Nokia T7 and Nokia 702T which are both Flash Lite 4.0 enabled devices. Basically these phones are the N8 and E6 but for Chinese wireless network.

Nokia N5, N6-01 and N6-02 on the way?

There some leaked pictures and information about 3 new devices from Nokia, Nokia N5, N6-01 and N6-02.
Looks like these phones are all Symbian^3 sporting the latest Symbian OS. Looking forward! Also it loos like they are all Flash Lite 4.0 enabled devices.

Flash Lite game Tic Tac Toe Blue is #2 in Nokia OVI Store

Via Biskero blog, the Flash Lite game Tic Tac Toe Blue is #2 in the free game global category and in the arcade free game category in Nokia OVI Store.
“Tic Tac Toe Blue, a classic game. Play against your phone from 4 different levels: EASY, NORMAL, EXPERT and [...]

Nokia Oro and Nokia T7 on the way!

Nokia is launching two new devices, Nokia Oro and Nokia T7 which are both Symbian^3 devices and Flash Lite 4.0 enabled.
Looks like the Nokia T7 is similar to the Nokia N8 with a smaller camera, 8Mpx instead or 12Mpx and it’s for the Chinese market.

AIR Mobile lacks SMS body input!?

It’s several months (maybe more) that I am experimenting and develope in Air Mobile.
While doing  an application porting from Flash Lite to AIR Mobile (Android at the moment) I encounter an issue with SMS support. Not sure why I did not encounter this before, maybe because I was thinkging it should not be an issue.
Basically [...]