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Nokia tutorials for Flash Lite

Forum Nokia has posted a series of Flash Lite tutorials with information and code example.
“These tutorials provide working code for key aspects of Flash Lite integration with the latest S60 devices from Nokia. Each tutorial includes the Flash project, skinned swf files that can be run on an S60 5th Edition device and a tutorial [...]

LG and Flash Lite tutorials: Creating a List Sample

Here some new Flash Lite tutorials from LG, Flash Lite™ Turotrial Series Part 1: Creating a List Sample
More information at LG Developer Network.

Adobe DevNet Flash Lite article: Building a List component in Flash Lite

Darren is the author of a new Flash Lite article on the Adobe DevNet mobile section: Building a List component in Flash Lite.

Flash Lite article: Creating a Flash Lite 2.0 navigation menu

Here is a new article from the Adobe mobile DevNet: Creating a Flash Lite 2.0 navigation menu.

ustwo, SE Content Awards, iPhone game and more…

At Mobile World Congress I got to meet the team from ustwo,really fun guys (some pics here). This is the company that creates the Flash Lite menus for Sony Ericsson phones. The just won the Sony Ericsson Content Award in the Themes&Graphics category.

They also just release an iPhone game called Steppin which look really fun. [...]

Sony Ericsson Themes Creator for Flash Lite and XML

Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog, Sony Ericsson Themes Creator 3.29 supports Flash Lite and XML for themes on Sony Ericsson phones.

Flash Lite blog: Flash Lite Just another blog

Here is a new Flash Lite blog: Flash Lite Just another blog. It seems that is focused on Sony Ericsson and Flash Lite content and it includes a list of Sony Ericcson that support Flash Lite.
PS. if the blogger reads this post, could you please contact me? biskero at gmail

Distributing Flash Lite content, which options?

Bill posted an interesting question to the Flash Lite community: What options do you want for distributing your Flash Lite content?
Feedback is welcome!
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Sony Ericsson and Flash Lite screensaver/wallpapers

Hayden posted some great information about Sony Ericsson phones and Flash Lite screensaver/wallpapers. It’s a great set of information about specific Flash Lite content type and some Sony Ericsson phone models.
I think these type of information will make it into WURFL.

David shares Flash Lite infos from Japan

Via Scott, I saw this article from David when I was in vacation, great infos on Flash Lite in Japan.
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Flash Lite tutorial: password protecting menus

Philip created another interesting tutorial on how to create password protected menus for Flash Lite content.
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Adobe case study: Pikkle

A new case study on a company creating Flash Lite content: Pikkle.

It’s a great reading since David is a Flash Lite content developer veteran from Japan where Flash Lite is one of the top mobile technologies.

Virtual Developer Showcase, a Flash Lite gig!

Matt, manager fo the UK Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group initiate a great gig: Virtual Developer Showcase. This is a great initiative since it will give a chance to showcase your work and get feedback from the Flash Lite developer community.
Check here for more details. All the MaD user groups are planning to do [...]

Sony Ericsson’s W910 previewed

Via Endgadgetmobile, a preview of the Sony Ericsson W910 with a video. This phones has Flash Lite menus.