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Flowella new release out

Flowella has new release out. Is a great AIR tool for prototyping mobile applications.
“Flowella enables designers and developers to create prototype applications using screen mock-ups; be they scanned images of hand-sketches or images created using the S60 Wireframing Stencils or the S60 Concepting and Presentation Stencils. These screen images are [...]

Lightweight AS2 Flash Lite framework

Via Forum Nokia, shagarah posted a great resource that he created, a Lightweight AS2 Flash Lite framework.

Right-To-Left and Left-To-Right interface, which helps in languages like Arabic & Urdu.
Screen Rotation
Touch Screens
Grid, List and Tab menu controls
Simple Image Viewer
Simple Audio Player
Simple Video Player
Event Manager
SharedObject Manager
Socket Client

It would be great to have more examples to showcase the use [...]

Helisso Flash Lite packager source

Mark has release the entire code for the Helisso packager which allows to create Symbian and Windows Mobile installer for Flash Lite applications

A packaging utility that can produce SIS packages for S60 devices
This new version supports Windows Mobile 5/6 devices
It targets the Flash Lite 3.x runtime
It runs on Windows and Mac OS, all versions

This is [...]

Samsung Bada SDK released, Flash Lite 3.1 support

Yesterday, Samsung release the first Beta version of Samsung Bada SDK. I downloaded the SDK and build one of the sample projects which show support for Flash Lite 3.1. The simulator seems pretty good and fast using Eclipse as the project builder which is all customized and ready to use. I am going thought the [...]

AIR application: Flowella, mobile prototyping

Forum Nokia release a great tool as a AIR application to do mobile prototyping called Flowella. Here is a doc.
“Flowella is an easy to use tool that enables designers and developers to create design prototypes — without writing a line of code.
Prototypes are built using images of screen mock-ups and defining links between the screens. [...]

Adobe CS5 launched, Device Central gets serious!

Today Adobe CS5 was launched and it will be available on April 30th. For mobile the most interesting thing is the update to Device Central which now includes HTML rendering (it includes webkit) and geolocation, accelerometer, and multitouch. In addition to other features.
“Test embedded SWF or FLV and HTML-based content with built-in WebKit support and [...]

Nokia tutorials for Flash Lite

Forum Nokia has posted a series of Flash Lite tutorials with information and code example.
“These tutorials provide working code for key aspects of Flash Lite integration with the latest S60 devices from Nokia. Each tutorial includes the Flash project, skinned swf files that can be run on an S60 5th Edition device and a tutorial [...]

Helisso, a .sis packager for Flash Lite content

Mark has posted a great news for Flash Lite developer, Helisso a packager for Symbian devices for Flash Lite content.

It’s based on Air and the Python tool Ensymble with the option to sign your sis file.

“The Forum Nokia Online packager project is currently on hold” !!!

It’s been several weeks (maybe months) that the Forum Nokia online packager for Flash Lite it’s offline. I know there are several developers and companies who are looking for information and having issues on distributing their content in the Nokia OVI Store.
Hopefully we will get more information during the Mobile World Congress 2010 and maybe [...]

Article correction: Flash Lite content with OMA DRM 1.0

Today Philippe contacted me regarding an issue he faced with Flash Lite and DRM. He was following my article on Forum Nokia Wiki to create a OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock Flash Lite file.
Using the NMIT tool from Nokia is possible to apply OMA DRM 1.0 to a Flash Lite (swf) file, but the tool [...]

Flash Lite APIBridge Interface, new services

Robert Burdick from Forum Nokia has published a great new article on Forum Nokia Wiki: Flash Lite API Bridge Interface.
“This document explains how to use the services provided by the APIBridge component from Flash Lite applications on Nokia devices. The document describes the API used to access the services provided by the APIBridge and how [...]

Forum Nokia Flash Lite online packager coming back soon!

It’s several days that the Forum Nokia online packager for Flash Lite content is been offline but it looks like that it’s coming back online soon.
And since I am on the topic as I remember at the beginning of the summer there were some talks about a new Flash Lite packaging format for Nokia S60 [...]

eSeminar: Flash Mobile development opportunities on different platforms and new tools

A reminder about the eSeminar for this Friday 13th November at 12 PM EST (check your time).

Speaker: Mark Doherty from Adobe
Topic: Flash Mobile development opportunities on different platforms and new tools
eSeminar link:

More infos here:

SWFxME project released

Here is a great J2ME/Flash Lite project to extend capabilities of Flash Lite: SWFxME

This is a similar project to Jarpa but it can be used with Flash Lite 1.1 and so with higher number of mobile phones. It would be great to create a list of phones that can support this new tool.

Forum Nokia: Flash Lite Components 2.0

Forum Nokia posted a set of Flash Lite Compontents 2.0.
“This updated resource file includes ten Flash Lite components; Button component, Calendar component, Checkbox component, Contacts component, List component, Media data component, Messaging component, Pop-up component, Radiobutton component, and Scrollbar component. Calendar, Checkbox, Messaging, and Radiobutton components are new in Flash Lite Components v2.0. The components [...]

FITC Mobile conference: Flash Lite news

The FITC Mobile conference is underway and there are some interesting news about Device Central and Flash Lite. Information come from people twittering from the conference:



LG and Flash Lite tutorials: Creating a List Sample

Here some new Flash Lite tutorials from LG, Flash Lite™ Turotrial Series Part 1: Creating a List Sample
More information at LG Developer Network.