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Flash 10.1 – installations/updates for mobile

Mark posted some information regarding the Flash 10.1 installations/updates for mobile phones. The method seems very similar to the distributable player method that was created last year.
Now about the detection of the player version, looks the same as the web plugin, which lift us from keeping track of Flash player versions in WURFL. I asked [...]

Petition: .NFL Nokia Flash Lite packaging on all future Nokia

Again I am pushing this since I beleive is the right thing for getting Flash Lite content distributed in a simple and efficient way.
The new solution on Publish on OVI supports Flash Lite content distribution. For Flash Lite content on S60 you will need to go through the Symbian Singed process and spend some money, [...]

Mobile and Devices cookbook beta!

Here a new resource for the Flash Lite developer community: Mobile and Devices cookbook beta

Forum Nokia Flash Lite Tech Day in Boston, October 10th

Following Rob’s post about the Forum Nokia Flash Lite Tech Day in Boston on October 10, here is a screenshot of my presentation.

Here are the speakers for the event:

Ganesh Sivaraman, Internet and Web 2.0 Business Development Manager, Forum Nokia
Robert Burdick, Senior Architect for Emerging Technologies, Forum Nokia
Bill Perry, Mobile and Devices Evangelist, Adobe
James Talbot, Adobe
Alessandro [...]

Flash Lite blog: Flash Lite Just another blog

Here is a new Flash Lite blog: Flash Lite Just another blog. It seems that is focused on Sony Ericsson and Flash Lite content and it includes a list of Sony Ericcson that support Flash Lite.
PS. if the blogger reads this post, could you please contact me? biskero at gmail

Flash Lite enabled Nokia list updated

I updated the list of Nokia Flash Lite enabled devices on the FlashLite4Nokia blog. I think I am missing some devices compare to Bill’s list and to the Forum Nokia.
As soon as I find them I will add the pages.

My latest project: is now live!

It’s sometime that I think about this new project and now I can announce it, it’s a new blog dedicated to Nokia mobile phones and Flash Lite:

Why? Well I am a big fan of information and when is not organized it not useful. So I decide to collect all the information about Flash Lite [...]

Flash Lite and Japanese handsets

Scott posted some information about Japanese handsets running Flash Lite 3 (handsets manuals)

Some of the devices run Symbian and here some information about Symbian OS sales for Japan. Also I am interested in leardning more about the Japanese handsets market especially for Flash Lite and also for WURFL, since there are plans to include Japanese [...]

Nokia N95 8GB firmware upgrade adds Flash Lite 3 support?!

Via AllAboutSymbian, according to Steve, the firmware V 15.0.015 released today for the Nokia N95 8GB adds Flash Lite 3.
Now, he tested by visiting the YouTube site and he was able to see Flash Videos. So I am not sure if Flash Lite 3 is available as standalone too.
Need to get more infos, but it [...]

Sony Ericsson and Flash Lite screensaver/wallpapers

Hayden posted some great information about Sony Ericsson phones and Flash Lite screensaver/wallpapers. It’s a great set of information about specific Flash Lite content type and some Sony Ericsson phone models.
I think these type of information will make it into WURFL.

Flash Lite 3 and Flash Video demonstrated on the E90 S60 browser

Anina has a post with a video demonstrating Flash Video with Flash Lite 3 within the S60 browser of a Nokia E90. The Flash Video did not load completely, probably due to bandwidth issue as Anina points out.

This points to the issue that having the capability is great but videos will still need to be [...]

Vodafone cripple my mobile site!!

Today I was able to do some tests on my mobile site and blog from various parts of the world and with different handsets. If you are creating mobile content and have a mobile site it’s important to know how your site/content looks like on different phones.
I spend quite sometime to integrate with WURFL, my [...]

Be MAD at Adobe MAX in Chicago with Flash Lite!

Yes, be MAD and come to the Flash Lite dedicated sessions which are super interesting from Flash Lite 3, FlashCast to the MAD BooCamp. Also there will Nokia with their 6 Chalk Talks, I will be doing 3 of them.
So here is the list of all Flash Lite related sessions:

20 Tricks to Improve Flash Lite [...] on the iPhone

Here is my blog on the iPhone.

Well, I have WURFL installed and I can detect which phone is accessing my blog. The iPhone could display the entire site, so with WURFL I have the option to do it.
Also WURFL includes Flash Lite information, so you can use it to display Flash Lite content within [...]

Flash Lite Chalk Talks at Adobe MAX 2007

Here another reason to go to Adobe MAX 2007, Hartti from Forum Nokia and myself will be doing six Chalk Talks (interactive 20-minute talks) at the Web and Interactive Design Technology Zone at MAX in Chicago.
Here is Hartti Chalk Talks:

Tue 3-3:20: Flash Lite on Nokia devices and support of various application types
Wed 1-1:20: Packaging and [...]

Looking for Flash Lite content for MAX to showcase DRM for Flash Lite and downloading process

I am looking for some Flash Lite content (apps, games, screensaver and wallpapers) to be used for a demo at the Adobe MAX conference in Chicago. It should be free (you are giving it away!) and for mobile phones, swf or sis. For the swf I will apply DRM (demo purpose). If you are interested [...]