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Flash Lite 1.1 and FlashCast video training

Via Leonardo, Adobe Mobile and Devices Developer Connection has two video training:

Flash Lite 1.1 video training
FlashCast video traning


Mobile and Devices cookbook beta!

Here a new resource for the Flash Lite developer community: Mobile and Devices cookbook beta

Verizon Wireless Flash based storefront

MoCoNews has post some more news about Dashboard, the FlashCast service from Verizon Wireless lacuhed few weeks ago.

“Todd Murphy, Verizon Wireless’s director of digital media programming, explained to us the platform stands along side the carrier’s Get It Now platform, and is designed to be an easy place for consumers to find both content from [...]

Flash on Mobile Devices surpassed Flash on Desktop !!

A tal riguardo vengono adottati dai migliori Casino italiani speciali sistemi di crittografia, che hanno il compito di proteggere le informazioni personali dei giocatori.

Adobe Mobile Content Delivery Protocol published

Today Adobe published the Mobile Content Delivery Protocol, here the spec.
“The Mobile Content Delivery Protocol defines a mechanism for delivering applications (called channels) and synchronized data sets on which the applications operate (called feeds) to mobile devices. The protocol includes a control-flow mechanism for managing channel subscriptions and application preferences.
This protocol is implemented in the [...]

Speaking at Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco

I am speaking at Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco, here is the session:Twenty Tips and Tricks for Building Top-Performing Mobile Applications
I will be sharing the session with Dale, Scott, Darren and Peter Kacandas from Adobe. Last year I has a similar session with Dale and it was a lot of fun!

This is going to [...]

FlashCast Training in San Francisco Next Week

Via Bill, next week there will be an opportunity to do some training in San Francisco for FlashCast.
You can register here.

Video of Verizon Dashboard service, Adobe FlashCast on an LG Chocolate 3

Scott posted a video of Verizon Dashboard service, Adobe FlashCast on an LG Chocolate 3.
Check it out !

Verizon FlashCast service Dashboard launched !

Via Bill, Verizon FlashCast service Dashboard has launched !

Here some channels currently available that users can add:

Comedy Central
Fox Sports
IGN Network
MTV News


Adobe MAX 2008 site up and NA sessions posted

The Adobe MAX 2008 site is up and there are already sessions posted including Flash Lite related ones.

FlashCast: Channel Me launches at Chunghwa Telecom

Via Mark, Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom launched their new Channel Me service, powered by Flash Cast. You can preview some of the channels here.

FlashCast on Verizon: Dashboard !!

Via Bill, FlashCast on Verizon launching mid 2008: Dashboard

“There is now more details available about Dashboard, the tools for creating and testing channel content and how to contact Verizon Wireless about getting started. Once a developer is accepted by Verizon Wireless to participate in the Dashboard program, they will then receive access to our new [...]

Over The Air, bar camp in London

If you are in London there is a great mobile event that you might want to attend: Over The Air

There are some great sessions on Day 1 including Flash Lite and FlashCast.

UK MaD meeting – Hosted by Mark Doherty at Adobe Offices, London

Via Matt, the UK Mobile and Devices User Group is having a meeting at the Adobe office in London. Guest speaker is Mark and will share some information on Flash Lite 3, Flash Video and FlashCast.

Pictures and Videos from Mobile World Congress

I started to use the OVI online service so I uploaded pictures and videos.
Here are the pictures and some video interviews with Flash Lite companies:

Little Big Ideas
Smashing Ideas

I missed some interviews but there are so many things to do that it’s crazy to keep up!!

DoCoMo’s FlashCast i-channel passes 15m mark!

Here is a great news: DoCoMo’s i-channel passes 15m mark! i-Channel is the FlashCast service that runs on NTT DoCoMo wireless network. Here more infos from NTT DoCoMo.

“The milestone comes just nine months after it passed the 10 million subscriber mark. i-channel was launched in September 2005 as a push service that sends scrolling-text headlines [...]

FlashCast and Flash Lite 3, YouTube demoed!

Debashish send me some links on cool videos demoing FlashCast and Flash Lite 3.

Demo of Adobe FlashLite + YouTube Mobile + Aaja Nachle Part-1
Demo of FlashLite + YouTube Mobile + Aaja Nachle Part-2
Demo of Flash Cast

Really cool demos!
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Flash Lite on a billion mobile phones article

Via Actionscript Hero, interesting article about Flash Lite and the 1 billion phone mark by 2010.
Reading these type of articles with comments from non-technical people make me smile!
“Things are different in the mobile space. Most phones today, due to security fears and hardware limitations, restrict users from downloading and installing applications such as Flash Lite. [...]