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Adobe AIR for Digital Home on LG, TiVo and others

Another announcment today from Adobe MAX 2011 is about Adobe AIR expanding its reach to LG tvs and TiVo. Read press release.

“Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that LG and TiVo have become the latest partners to bring Adobe(R) Flash(R)-based applications via Adobe AIR(R) to [...]

Flash 11 and AIR 3 announced

Adobe announced Flash 11 and AIR 3. There are a lot of new features and better performance.

Accelerated 2D/3D Graphics: Full hardware-accelerated rendering for 2D and 3D graphics enable 1,000 times faster rendering performance over Flash Player [...]

Adobe Labs: Flash Player 11 beta and Adobe AIR 3 beta available

You can find on the Adobe Labs the new Flash Player 11 beta and Adobe AIR 3 beta available.
AIR 3 delivers innovation for rich engaging applications with unparalleled performance improvements that deliver advanced graphics rendering, high-definition video, and consistent reach across operating systems and devices. AIR 3 is packed with features that [...]

Adobe DevNet article: Using Flash Builder 4.5 to package applications for BlackBerry Tablet OS devices

Here is an article on the Adobe DevNet: Using Flash Builder 4.5 to package applications for BlackBerry Tablet OS devices
“Flash Builder 4.5 includes support for packaging Flex and ActionScript applications for Google Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS devices. The process for acquiring signing certificates and provisioning application packages for the [...]

Adobe DevNet article: Flex mobile skins articles

Here 3 great articles on the Adobe DevNet on Flex mobile skins

Flex Mobile: Optimized skinning basics
Flex Mobile: Handling different pixel densities
Flex Mobile: Multiplatform development


Adobe CS5.5 announced, mobile development infos!

Today Adobe announced the latest development suite CS5.5 which has a lot of new mobile development features.

There are very cool features including piblishing for iOS, Android and RIM PlayBook. Sounds interesting!

Flex Mobile Application on Playbook, Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Via Christophe, a video showcasing the deployment of a Flex Mobile Application on Playbook, Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is exactly the power of Flash Mobile technology, using the same IDE and technology to develop and deploy content to a different set of mobile devices.

Flex Mobile blog: Greg on Mobile

Via Dale, there is a new blog from Greg Burch about the new Flex Mobile Framework.

Video: Flex for mobile devices

Check out the video about Flex for mobile devices: Slider: Flex Mobile Framework.
“The initial Slider framework will be optimized to run on high-end smartphones (phones with a processor speed of 400Mhz or more, 128MB of RAM), and will initially target standalone application environments such as Adobe AIR. This matches the category of devices targeted by [...]

Flash Lite 2.0 application for 360 Flex Europe

Via Luca, if you are attending 360 Flex Europe you can use this Flash Lite 2 application to know the schedule of the conference.

Flyer Framework coming to Maemo

Via Felipe, a great news for all the developers using the Flyer Framework. Flyer now supports the Maemo platform which runs Flash 9 and so Flex applications.

Great work Felipe!! You can join the Flyer Framework User Group.

Flex 4 is beginning active development, maybe Flex Mobile too?

Via Marco, Flex 4 is beginning development and they are considering various themes. The interesting part is the last bullet point:
Broadening Horizons: expand the range of applications and use-cases that can leverage Flex. Features could include finding a way to make the framework lighter, supporting more deployment runtimes, runtime MXML.
So, “framework lighter” and “supporting more [...]

Flash Lite 2.0 application for 360 Flex Atlanta conference

Via Leonardo, Luca created a Flash Lite 2.0 application for the 360 Flex Atlanta conference with information about the sessions, speakers and the ability to use Twitter.

He used the SWX API to create the mash up. Pretty cool! You can download the application from his blog.

AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0 released

Adobe released AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0, plus a new Open Source initiative.
Alessandro live

This is an interesting marketing/feedback resource that Adobe just launched:
You record a video about why you like or not some of the Adobe technology, post the video on YouTune, tag it 30onair and it will pick up by the site.
Hey, anything like this for Flash Lite in the works? Why?
Very simple, soon there will [...]

Adobe eSeminar: Flash Lite and Flex for mTourism

There is an upcoming eSeminar from Adobe on January 23rd, 9AM PST: Flash Lite and Flex for mTourism.
Speakers for the eSeminar are Untravel Media’s CTO Ira Hochman and CEO Michael Epstein.
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