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Adobe AIR: Multi-Screen application running on Android, iOS and Playbook

Here is a video showcasing Adobe AIR application running on multiple devices and OS, such as Android, iOS an PlayBook.
While the press always point to Flash on the web or mobile web, the power of Adobe AIR to develop for multiple devices is a very good proposition which does get much attention.

by the way, Adobe [...]

Mobile and Devices cookbook beta!

Here a new resource for the Flash Lite developer community: Mobile and Devices cookbook beta

Adobe Success Story: LG

Via Bill, Adobe published a case study from LG. It’s an interesting article. LG use Flash Lite mainly for their phones UI


Nokia S60 5th Edition: Flash Lite access to Phone features

Here some great news from Nokia S60 5th Edition, Flash Lite access to Phone features:
“Developers of Flash Lite from Adobe applications benefit from the UI enhancements in S60 5th Edition, with more screen real estate and touch interaction enabling users to more easily and intuitively navigate Flash Lite content and applications. The on-screen keyboard also [...]

Samsung on the future of electronic devices

Here are some interesting posts about mobile experience and UI, part 1 and part 2. Interesting to notice that on part 2 Samsung is talking about uGo, the UI mobile interface developed with Adobe.
“Adaptability of the interface, to allow for a personalisation of the experience. Here he shows the example of Samsung’s uGo interface for [...]

LG Prada and Viewty selling well!

Both LG Prada and Viewty are selling really well. LG Prada will sell 700.000 by the end of the year and the LG Viewty sold 310.000 from launch.
LG Prada has a Flash Lite UI and the LG Viewty has a Flash Lite UI and you can run Flash Lite content (not sure what content type)
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Verizon Wireless’ U940, aka F700, Flash Lite UI

Via Endgadget Mobile, the Samsung F700 change name for Verizon Wireless U940. The phone has a Flash Lite UI. It’s going to be interesting to see if Verizon will customize it in red!

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QNX Harnesses Adobe Flash Lite 3 to Revolutionize Embedded User Interface Design

Here an interesting news regarding Flash Lite 3 and User Interface design.
“QNX Software Systems today announced the availability of a new design solution that speeds the creation and performance of graphical user interfaces for embedded products. Combined with the power of Adobe Flash Lite(TM) 3 software, the new QNX(R) Aviage(R) graphics suite allows software designers [...]

Samsung F700 Croix with Flash Lite User Interface

At Intomobile they have a video of the Samsung F700 Croix which has a Flash Lite User Interface.

Here more infos and pictures. Can’t find the UAProfile information of the device to know if Flash Lite content is supported.
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S60 Touch Interface Launched, Flash Lite 3 part of it!!

Via AllAboutSymbian, at the Smarphone Show there was a big announcement today: S60 Touch Interface

Efficient and intuitive Touch UI with tactile feedback
Advance sensor technologies and UI Accelerator toolkit
Flash Lite 3 enabling rich web video on S60

Check out the video. A Note, touch UI is been on the Symbian for quite sometime.
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Be MAD at Adobe MAX in Chicago with Flash Lite!

Yes, be MAD and come to the Flash Lite dedicated sessions which are super interesting from Flash Lite 3, FlashCast to the MAD BooCamp. Also there will Nokia with their 6 Chalk Talks, I will be doing 3 of them.
So here is the list of all Flash Lite related sessions:

20 Tricks to Improve Flash Lite [...]

LG Viewty, Flash Lite UI

Via Intomobile, here a video showing how the LG Viewty looks like which has the Flash Lite UI. This phone will support Flash Lite content too.
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LG Prada successor: KU990 with Flash Lite UI

Via Engadgetmobile and SlashRumors, the successor of the LG Prada, LGKU990 with Flash Lite UI. Check the video and the characteristics which are pretty impressive. Also there is a YouTube video capability to view and upload, is this for Flash Video or H264?

It also should support Flash Lite content since the UA profile lists it.

A Totally Vivid User Interface

Via Wireless Watch Japan, here is an interesting view of where Mobile User Interface and mobile menus are going.

“The Next-Generation of UI’s hit the street here recently on DoCoMo 3G handsets produced by Sharp and NEC. The Vivid UI by Tokyo-based Acrodea “integrates various types of multimedia content including 3D graphics, Flash animation and full-screen [...]

UK and Italian MaD eSeminar – History and future of Flash Lite

On Wednesday May 30th at 12PM EST I will be the speaker of the eSeminar: History and future of Flash Lite. The eSeminar is organized by the UK and the Italian Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group.
“In this eSeminar, we will look at the past and future of Flash Lite from a developer’s point [...]

LG Prada answer to the iPhone from Verizon!

Via Moconews, well it seems that the LG Prada is the answer to the iPhone from Verizon. The LG Prada has the entire UI developed in Flash Lite 2.1.

Here is a review of the LG Prada and here some information about the phone.
for the records: “One quibble with the story, it implies the Prada phone [...]

Amp’d Q with Flash Lite UI video

Via Ramsey, a video of the new Amp’d Motorola Q with the Flash Lite User Interface.
“Also be sure to check out the cool Q microsite at”

Iriver’s B20 another cool device with Adobe Flash Lite 2.1

Via Vivek, new iRiver device with Flash Lite 2.1 support. Check here for more infos.