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iPhone 5s review video

Here is a great review of the iPhone 5s from Endgadget.


Kind of Chromecast: Google Cast Chrome extension plays YouTube on GoogleTV

I installed the Google Cast Chrome extension yesterday which many thought, including me, was the Chromecast extension. In any case I was playing around with it today on Chrome and my Sony GoogleTV. To my surprise I was able to connect from YouTube to the GoogleTV to playback videos.
It does not work from Chrome Tab, [...]

Maps app for iOS, Google Maps or Nokia Here ?

Google finally released their Map application for iOS devices few days ago. Actually only for iPhone, leaving iPad out, why?
Playing around with the iPhone version on the iPad (so not getting the full experience) and comparing it with the Nokia Here application for iOS devices can’t decide which one is better.
For now I am going [...]

Nokia Here, MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5

Nokia launched their mobile map application, Here, for other mobile platforms but also launched the Nokia Here MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5.

There is a complete documentation for the APIs but also couple of MH5 plans if you want to use in your mobile application development.

Nokia Maps for iOS devices and Android is Here !

After the issues with iOS Maps application many turned at other solutions and asked for dedicated mobile applications for maps. I asked on twitter where was a Nokia Maps app for iOS and Android devices and today Nokia announced that the app is Here !
“People want great maps, and with HERE we can bring together [...]

iPad mini is here to stay!?

So finally Apple announced the iPad mini. It’s a direct competition to other tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. Funny how Apple arrived to the tablet size after denying such tablet size as valuable. Anyone who reads books on tablet knows that the 7″ size is a perfect fit, [...]

Windows 8, Windows surface, Google Galaxy and iPad Mini

I am really looking forward to see whats coming out this month from Microsoft and Apple. Apple needs a competitor to Amazon Kindle HD and Microsoft needs to get into the post PC era with a tablet. Google Galaxy new mobile phones are in the works too.
So some very interesting competition is in the works [...]

iPhone 5 announced, anything new?

So the iPhone 5 was announced and not much innovation is to be found on the new hardware! Bigger screen and normal hardware evolution. A new connector (money maker!). No NFC, no wireless charging or anything that could innovate. Ofcourse iOS 6 will come out and add new feature to the new device and current [...]

Garage, buy and sell, with your friends, from your pocket!

This is another cool application for iOS devices: Garage.

“Sell your things by simply taking a picture.  Follow your friends and see what they buy and sell. [...]