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iriver 3-inch touchscreen GSM phone

Via Engadget, iRiver is showcasing their new touchscreen GSM phone at CES. the UI is similar to the iPhone. According to the post the UI is Linux based and the device supports Flash, no infos if it is Flash Lite (my guess) and what kind of content.
Check out the video. More pictures here. Also check [...]

Untravelmedia utilizing Flash Lite for Mobile Tours!

Via Scott, here a great Flash Lite usage for Mobile Tours from Untravelmedia! Check out a
“What’s more … among other methods, untravel has been using Flash Lite (on Clix and other supported handheld devices) to provide customized mobile tours (see here for other examples) during this year!”

I personally think that these type of applications are [...]

Iriver’s B20 another cool device with Adobe Flash Lite 2.1

Via Vivek, new iRiver device with Flash Lite 2.1 support. Check here for more infos.

Device Central CS3 review

I got to play around with Device Central under Flash CS3. Finally we got a cool emulator for all the capabilities and features of Flash Lite. First it’s important to know that Device Central is accessible from all Adobe CS3 software tools and that the capabilities and features that you can use depends on where [...]

Flash Lite application contest winners announced

The 2006 Flash Lite application contest organized by the Boston, Australia and Brazil Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group winners have been announced. Here are the winners:

Best Overall Flash Lite content: developed by Gideon Multimedia
Best iRiver Flash Lite content: developed by 2SoulDesign©
Best Application: developed by ShopQwik
Best Animation: developed by Fat Pengy
Best Flash Lite Site: developed [...]

Flash Lite Application Contest closed

The Flash Lite Application contest is now closed and the winners will be announced the second week of March.


Flash Lite applications contest

The Flash Lite application contest organized by the Adobe Mobile and Device User Group of Boston, Australia and Brazil will end at the end of February and submission of Flash Lite content will begin the 1st of February. Check here for more information.


Flash Lite Friday Digest #14

Here is my Flash Lite Friday Digest #14
Felipe and Luciano from i2Tecnologia released the new site and also some preview screenshots of new Flash Lite content. i2Tecnologia will also have a distribution channel for Flash Lite developers to sell their content.
Interesting article here about Flash Lite, seams Flash Lite is gaining some press! Also at [...]

iRiver Free game: Sleigh Ride

A new Flash Lite game from Ubiquity Games: Sleigh  Ride. It’s a free game for iRiver .
“Help Santa make the children happy this holiday season with Sleigh Ride. You play Santa who’s on a tight deadline to drop as many presents down the chimney as he can. Watch out though as the clock is ticking [...]

Flash Lite Contest 2006

The Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group of Boston, Australia and Brazil launched a Flash Lite Contest 2006. The deadline for submitting applications is 11 PM EST on February 28th 2007.


Best Overall Flash Lite content: A Nokia of your choice (up to 500 US$)
Best iRiver Flash Lite content: Adobe software of your choice (up [...]

Flash Lite 2.0 game review: Flow Panic

Here is my review of the new Flash Lite 2.0 game FLOW PANIC from Ubiquitygames. I tested on my Nokia N70 with Flash Lite 2.0. The game runs pretty fast on the phone. It’s definitely an addictive game, since it is build on a simple idea. I did not get too far, even if [...]

iRiver Clix Wallpaper contest

iRiver America is organazing an iRiver Clix Wallpapers Contest. Check here and here for more information.


(Ad hoc) mobile device profiles from Scott

Scott posted a couple (Ad hoc) mobile device profiles for Flash Lite development, Yukyung_viliv_p1 and iriver e10:

Yukyung_viliv_p1.mxp (Version 1.0)
iriver e10.mxp (Version 1.0)

These are not official profiles as Scott states but are a great resource if you are developing for these devices. Also do not forget that if you are interested in Flash Lite development for [...]

iRiver Clix template

Alex created a Flash Lite template for the iRiver Clix. Chek it out, you can download from his site.

Adobe DevNet article: Creating iRiver U10 Games for Beginners

Via Scott, another Flash Lite dev article: Creating iRiver U10 Games for Beginners.
It’s a great step-by-step article.

Tips for Developing Flash Games for the iRiver U10

Via Marco, Adobe released a new article: Tips for Developing Flash Gmaes for the iRiver U10. Very interesting article with a download too.
The article is written by Sung-Hee Park of MiniGate. They have several games for download on the iRiver site.

Interview with the folks behind the iRiver Clix

Interesting article regarding the iRiver Clix device, Flash Lite 2.0 enabled. It has a nice variaty of Flash Lite games.


Flash Lite 2 on iRiver E10

Scott found an interesting news regarding the iRiver E10, which has Flash Lite 2.0!!

More news here.