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SWFxME project released

Here is a great J2ME/Flash Lite project to extend capabilities of Flash Lite: SWFxME

This is a similar project to Jarpa but it can be used with Flash Lite 1.1 and so with higher number of mobile phones. It would be great to create a list of phones that can support this new tool.

Tutorial: Jarpa packaging for Flash Lite

Thomas posted a cool tutorial on how to setup the development enviroment and tips for Jarpa. The Jarpa framework allows to extend the capabilities of Flash Lite content using J2ME. It first allows you to package Flash Lite content into a jar file, which is the main advantage of Jarpa.
Remember that Adobe has in the [...]

How to connect Flash Lite and java me, Jarpa

Felipe published an article on the Forum Nokia Wiki explaining how you can connect J2ME to Flash Lite applications. This is the extension to the Jarpa project.

Is anyone using Jarpa for Flash Lite packaging?

I wanted to know if anyone started to use Jarpa to package Flash Lite content. We would like to have some feedback.

Dedicated icon for Flash Lite cotnent on Nokia Series 40 handsets

Last week at the Mobile World Congress, during my visit at the Nokia booth I took a look at several Nokia S40 devices. Of course I checked if there was Flash Lite content and beside the usual couple animations I got a nice surprice. There couple new Flash Lite animation with their own dedicated icon [...]

My latest project: is now live!

It’s sometime that I think about this new project and now I can announce it, it’s a new blog dedicated to Nokia mobile phones and Flash Lite:

Why? Well I am a big fan of information and when is not organized it not useful. So I decide to collect all the information about Flash Lite [...]

Happy Holiday to everyone !! To all Flash Lite developers: “Keep it up!!”

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holiday !!
This year has been great and I am sure 2008 will be even better. I wanted to say a big “Ciao” to everyone I met and continue to meet around Flash Lite. One message to all Flash Lite developers: “Keep it up!!”
Beside daily work I have been involved [...]

Nokia S40 5th Edition FP1 SDK includes Flash Lite 2.1

The Nokia S40 5th Edition FP1 SDK is available for download and it includes Flash Lite 2.1. If you are using Jarpa, you will need also this SDK to compile it.
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Jarpa: Java Packaging for Flash Lite Developers

Here is the big news from Felipe, Jarpa packaging environment for Flash Lite developer. Most of the effort goes to Felipe who did a great job on figuring out the core code!! So, Felipe, great work!!!
Basically you can create a Jar file to install Flash Lite content. It’s a great tool, since now Flash Lite [...]