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Video: Google I/O – Android Market for Developers

If you are publishing content to the Android Market make sure to watch this video from Google I/O.


Google I/O: Android news

Yestarday and today is Google I/O conference days. There are a lot of news from the conference and many updates to the Android ecosystem.
Here some stats from yestaday keynote:

400k Android devices activated daily
200k apps in Android Market
3.5 Billion apps downloads

Also there were many more news like the Android Accessories APIs which look very cool to [...]

Global smartphone market

Via, an interesting data about global smartphone market:

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разработка сайта киев

Mobile Application Store revenue share 90%, why not?

Yes you read right, the Mobile Application Store revenue share should be 90%. Japanese OEM/Operators are the best example to follow on this and soon or later it will happen elsewhere.
But why not sooner then later? Why not Nokia or Samsung just on this and beat everyone else on competing in the Application Store revenue [...]

Mobile App Stores are wallet garder silos?!

After my previous post, Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?, Andrea posted a message on twitter which is a very well known issue for long time for anyone in the mobile space. Before there were carriers/operators that were the gate to get mobile content now OEM have been added [...]

Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?

This interesting post at IntoMobile is saying that 70/30 % revenue split is too low. The strange thing is that there is little to no competition between all mobile Application Stores on revenue share. Really strange, no? It’s very unusual that this is not discussed widely in the mobile industry. It would be normal to [...]

Device Central profiles update #5 available

Via Mariam, Device Central profiles update #5 is available. It includes many profiles including:

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Flash Lite 3.1
Nokia E52
Nokia N86 8MP
Nokia N97
Samsung I8910 HD


Bill’s list of Flash Lite enabled phones

Bill updated his pdf with the list of Flash Lite enabled phones. Here is the number of handsets per OEM: Nokia (73), Sony Ericsson (63), Verizon Wireless (13), NTT DoCoMo (134), KDDI (101), and Softbank (48)
Any chance to get the LG and Samsung mobile phones in the list?

How Mobile Game Developers Avoid The Carrier’s Deck In Japan, use Flash Lite

Via MocoNews, at the Game Developer Conference, David Collier from Pikkle explained how to use Flash Lite to monetize without the need to be on operator’s deck.

“He said by using Flash, the developers won’t have to tweak an application for every phone because it runs in the browser which are fairly standard. And because it’s [...]

Devices with Flash Lite Pre-installed Spreadsheet updated

Bill updated hos pdf document with the list of Flash Lite enabled phones.

Flash Lite and Japanese handsets

Scott posted some information about Japanese handsets running Flash Lite 3 (handsets manuals)

Some of the devices run Symbian and here some information about Symbian OS sales for Japan. Also I am interested in leardning more about the Japanese handsets market especially for Flash Lite and also for WURFL, since there are plans to include Japanese [...]

OEM Flash Lite requests for 2008

I wanted to put down a requests list for OEM that will integrate Flash Lite in their devices in 2008:

When you ship new handsets, provide some content!!!
Improve information regarding which Flash Lite content is supported by the devices
Add Flash Lite content for animated ringtones
Enable sound in wallpapers and screensavers
Enable Flash Lite content in the browser [...]

David shares Flash Lite infos from Japan

Via Scott, I saw this article from David when I was in vacation, great infos on Flash Lite in Japan.
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100 Million Symbian phones sold

Symbian passed the 100 Million mobile phone sold mark. This is an impressive achievement.

How many of those are Flash Lite enabled? I am guessing more then 10%.

Mobile culture: US vs. Europe

Here is a great post about differences in market and culture about Mobile/Cellphones between Americans and Europeans. A very interesting reading.