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AIR 3 and Flash 11 available from the Android Market

AIR 3 and Flash 11 are available for your PC but also for your Android device. Just downloaded and installed on my Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Here are the information on all AIR 3 changes which are quite a lot !

Adobe AIR for Digital Home on LG, TiVo and others

Another announcment today from Adobe MAX 2011 is about Adobe AIR expanding its reach to LG tvs and TiVo. Read press release.

“Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that LG and TiVo have become the latest partners to bring Adobe(R) Flash(R)-based applications via Adobe AIR(R) to [...]

Mobile World Congress 2011 pictures

Came back from Barcelona yesterday while I was attending the Mobile World Congress 2011, here some pictures:

It was a great event with more than 60000 attendees. I went to several developers related events from Nokia, RIM, Windows Mobile, Intel and HP. Got couple of gifts, Nokia E7 and an Intel MeeGo tablet ! Will post [...]

5K Flash Mobile apps on 1.4B phones !

Via ReadWriteWeb Mobile, some information about mobile application stores with Flash Mobile apps statistics:


Global smartphone market

Via, an interesting data about global smartphone market:


Mobile Application Store revenue share 90%, why not?

Yes you read right, the Mobile Application Store revenue share should be 90%. Japanese OEM/Operators are the best example to follow on this and soon or later it will happen elsewhere.
But why not sooner then later? Why not Nokia or Samsung just on this and beat everyone else on competing in the Application Store revenue [...]

Nokia N8 and Symbian^3

Looks like the first Symbian^3 device on the market will be from an Asian OEM and that the Nokia N8 is headed to Vodafone.
Which Asian OEM? LG, Samsung? My guess is Samsung since they already had Symbian powered phones.

Mobile App Stores are wallet garder silos?!

After my previous post, Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?, Andrea posted a message on twitter which is a very well known issue for long time for anyone in the mobile space. Before there were carriers/operators that were the gate to get mobile content now OEM have been added [...]

Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?

This interesting post at IntoMobile is saying that 70/30 % revenue split is too low. The strange thing is that there is little to no competition between all mobile Application Stores on revenue share. Really strange, no? It’s very unusual that this is not discussed widely in the mobile industry. It would be normal to [...]

Flash 10.1 – installations/updates for mobile

Mark posted some information regarding the Flash 10.1 installations/updates for mobile phones. The method seems very similar to the distributable player method that was created last year.
Now about the detection of the player version, looks the same as the web plugin, which lift us from keeping track of Flash player versions in WURFL. I asked [...]

Symbian Open Source Migration is done!

Symbian has completed their migration of the OS to be Open Source.

2009 Mobile phone market shares

Via Tomi, here are the latest mobile phones market share:
Mobile phone sales:
1 – Nokia . . . . . . .   432 Million 38  %
2 – Samsung . . . .    227 Million 20  %
3 – LG . . . . . . . . . . 117 Million 10  %
4 – SonyEricsson . . [...]