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Adobe MAX Award, Mobile and Devices category

The Adobe MAX Award submission deadline is approaching, which is August 3rd. If you are a Flash Lite developer you can submit your content for the Award in the Mobile and Devices category. Here more information.

Check out last year MAX Awards.
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Adobe Flash Lite Case Study: Design Assembly

There is a new Flash Lite case study on the Adobe site: Design Assembly. It is the company that won the MAX 2006 Award in the Mobile and Devices section.


Flash Lite Friday Digest #13

Flash Lite Friday Digest is back, here #13 !! It’s hosted by flash_lite_for_mobile_game_developers blog.


Adobe MAX 2006 videos: Flash Lite and Verizon

Girard left a comment on my MAX post about their videos of the Adobe MAX 2006 key notes.
Here is the video on the second day dedicated to Flash for Mobile devices.

Adobe MAX 2006 Asia Taipei pictures

Here some pictures from today Keynote and some presentations.


Adobe MAX 2006 Asia Taipei

I am in Taipei for the Adobe MAX 2006 Asia. There should be around 500 attendees. It’s my first time is Asia and for now everything is fine. Just a bit of rain, but the temperture is much better compared to Boston !!

My session will be tomorrow, Video in Flash Lite 2.

2006 MAX Awards, Mobile and Devices Winner

The winner of the 2006 MAX Awards is Poolside Airhockey developed by The Design Assembly

The other finalist was  MTV Mobile Italia developed by 01Design.


Adobe MAX 2006 Flash Lite summary

The Adobe MAX 2006 was my first one so I really cannot compare it to previous ones. I tried to follow all the Mobile sessions and try to manage the schedule around my 4 sessions. Not an easy task. Some session’s schedule overlapped so I could not follow all of them. From my point of [...]

How to get Flash Lite content on your Verizon phone

Bill posted some information regarding the Verzion Flash Lite ecosystem and a video on how to buy Flash Lite content using your Verizon phone.
Supported handsets:

Samsung SCH-A950
LG VX9800
Motorola RAZR V3c
Motorola V3m

Flash Lite content available on Verizon deck:

The Weather Channel
Jungle Jim
Extreme Hangman FL
NBC’s The Office Games
Mini Arcade by Shockwave
Shockwave Minis Unlimited
Animated Screensavers


Coming back from Adobe MAX 2006

I am at the Las Vegas airport going back to Boston. I will try to post a summary and impressions on the Adobe MAX 2006 conference this weekend.
Next week I am headed to Adobe MAX 2006 Asia in Taipei, looking forward to this trip. In the mean time you can check all the pictures that [...]

Adobe MAX 2006, Flash Lite related posting

Here is a selection of posts from Adobe MAX 2006 attendees and some other from blogs, all related to Flash Lite.
Mike’s question about development cost for individual developers looking at the Verizon Flash Lite 2 ecosystem. This is an interesting topic and we will see how the discussion goes.
Also I met Hartti from Nokia at [...]

More pictures from Adobe MAX 2006

Here are more pictures from Adobe MAX 2006.
Here are Scott, myself, Luciano and Marco.

Here is Dale:


Flash Lite Development Center for Verizon Wireless Developers

So, yestarday there was the big news about Flash Lite content available for 4 different phones on Verizon for purchase. Here are more information about it. Press release here.
During the key note of yestarday morning Bill demonstrated how to purchase a Flash Lite game on Verizon.

Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group list

Here is the list of Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group list. Alsot adobe listed on their site the Flash Lite Contest that the User Groups of Boston, Australia and Brazil are organizing.

Adobe Max 2006: pictures, new authoring tool and more

Check out some more pictures from today key note at MAX 2006 and some of the mobile sessions. Bill showed the new emulator for Flash Lite, great tool, CPU simulation, Memory graph consumption and some sweet effects to improve testing. In addition a device list with phone details such has resolution, screen size, supported Flash [...]

Adobe and Teleca Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Flash to Worldwide Mobile Community

Here another great news for Flash Lite distribution from Teleca: “Teleca will build regional centers of excellence worldwide for Adobe mobile solutions, and will train and enable more than 100 consultants to implement and deploy Adobe Flash [...]

Verizon Wireless Delivers North America’s First Flash Enabled Mobile Applications

Some big news coming out from Adobe MAX 2006, here a press release on Verizon and Flash Lite which will be available for the following phones: V (LG VX9800), Motorola Razr V3c and Motorola V3m and Samsung SCH-a950 and in the coming weeks otehr phones will be added.
Ray [...]

Adobe MAX 2006 pictures and some news

I am taking few pictures from the Adobe MAX 2006 conference in Las Vegas. I will also try to blog about some of the sessions that I will attend.

Got my hands on a Nokia 5300, Flash Lite 2.0 enabled and it’s a really cool phone. Also some “rumors” that Nokia might implement Flash Lite Animated [...]