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Happy Holiday to everyone !! To all Flash Lite developers: “Keep it up!!”

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holiday !!
This year has been great and I am sure 2008 will be even better. I wanted to say a big “Ciao” to everyone I met and continue to meet around Flash Lite. One message to all Flash Lite developers: “Keep it up!!”
Beside daily work I have been involved [...]

Adobe MAX Europe Awards: 01design wins with ATAC Mobile

Found this news from another blog: 01design won the Adobe MAX Europe Award with their mobile application ATAC Mobile

Rock on guys!!!
I wish I was in Barcelona, last February was fun at 3GSM with the 01design gang!!
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Flash Lite company: Little Big ideas

Here another company developing using Flash Lite: Little Big Ideas. They are located in Denmark, I spoke to Anders at MAX Chicago, and they are doing some cool content!!
You can check some Flash Lite sample of their site.
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Adobe MAX 2007 Conference in Barcelona starts tomorrow

Adobe MAX Conference in Barcelona starts tomorrow. As first European time a sold out conference is a great start and I am guessing will be repeated next year, hopefully still in Barcelona!!
Here some pictures from the Adobe MAX 2007 blog. There are 6 sessions on Mobile and Devices.
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Flash Lite application: MAX Barcelona guide

Paul from BlueSkyNorth created a great Flash Lite application to guide you through MAX Barcelona.
You can download it here
“Download the MAX Barcelona 2007 Flash Lite mobile phone session guide. Developed in Flash Lite 1.1 to work on all available handsets, the guide has quick and easy access to all sessions over the 4 days, with [...]

Sneak Peek at MAX: Flash Home for Mobile

Thanks to Paul, here is a video of a sneak peek of Flash Home for Mobile running on a Motorola phone on Verizon network.
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Adobe MAX best session: Hot sauce show!!

If you missed Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago, you missed the best session, James and Bill hot sauce show!!
Everything started like this:

and ended like this: video1, video2, video3 and video4
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Adobe MAX Award winner: Shockwave Minis

And the winner is: Shockwave Minis. Shockwave Minis is the winner of the Adobe MAX 2007 Award in the Mobile and Devices category.

Peter from Shockwave Minis did a presentation at the Mobile and Devices Boot Camp and mention that they had 1.2 million downloads of Flash Lite content!!
Great numbers and congratulation to Shockwave Minis.
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Adobe MAX 2007: the “MAD” Flash Lite developers

Here a great picture of the last “MAD” Flash Lite developers that stayed at until last minute at MAX!! Here more pictures. How do you recognize “MAD” Flash Lite developers? They go around with multiple phones which they show off and have crazy animations on them!!

MAX this year was a blast, many people and [...]

Coming back from Adobe MAX 2007

I am at the airport in Chicago, ready to go to Boston and finally sleep !!
I will post some really funny videos shot yesterday night at a dinner. James Talbot and Bill Perry show!
There are several news that I want to comment on and the launch on a new Flash Lite gaming contest.
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Slacking on posting will make up in the next days!!

Got really busy with several meetings, sessions and talking to people!! So I will post more on the coming days on press releases, announcements and more.
Will also post videos and pictures!!
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Forum Nokia to support Flash Lite developers!

Forum Nokia launched a great initiative to support developers migrating to Flash Lite mobile development.
“Nokia today announced the latest phase of its continuing support of Adobe ® Flash ® technology with the launch of the “Creative Pros” community by Forum Nokia, the company’s global developer support program. The new website is designed to help the [...]

Flash Lite 3 launched!!

So finally the Flash Lite 3 has been launched. This is a great news that many developers were waiting for. Just go to the Adobe site mobile section and submit your request to get the Flash Lite 3 player and the Flash Lite 3 publishing enviroment.
Today I will have my 2 Chalk Talks for Nokia [...]

Adobe MAX 2007 – Day 0 – Flash Lite 2.0 course

So today is day 0 of Adobe MAX 2007,just registered and getting some breakfast. Also getting ready for the Flash Lite 2.0 course held by James Talbot. Check out my flickr for pictures from the conference

The place is pretty big and I am sure there will a lot of walking!! Will try to keep updating [...]

Be MAD at Adobe MAX in Chicago with Flash Lite!

Yes, be MAD and come to the Flash Lite dedicated sessions which are super interesting from Flash Lite 3, FlashCast to the MAD BooCamp. Also there will Nokia with their 6 Chalk Talks, I will be doing 3 of them.
So here is the list of all Flash Lite related sessions:

20 Tricks to Improve Flash Lite [...]

Adobe MAX 2007 Awards finalist, Honorable mention and EMEA finalists announced

The Adobe MAX 2007 awards finalist have been announced and here are the Mobile and Devices


Shockwave Minis

There is also the Honorable Mention category and here are the Mobile and Devices:

Dolce and Gabbana: D&G Mobile channel developed by 01Design
Ghost Tower developed by Design Assembly

Also the EMEA finalists have been announced:

Atac Mobile from 01Design

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Adobe MAX 2007 chicago SOLD OUT, 4300 attendees!

Wow, this is nice! Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago is sold out, read on!!
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Adobe MAX 2007 – my schedule! – 3 days to go!

There are 3 days left to the Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago. We are trying to get together all Flash Lite devs or as I say the “MaD” developers on Saturday!!
Here is my schedeule for MAX:
Saturday: arriving pretty early!! Launch time, if anyone is already there shoot me an email!!! (biskero at gmail)

I will be [...]