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Adobe TV, Creating Mobile Applications: A Real World Example

Adobe TV has a new video on mobile from Adobe MAX, Creating Mobile Applications: A Real World Example.


BAMaDUG episode 3 podcast available from Rob

Rob posted the new podcast recorded during last BoAMaDUG meeting couple of days ago.
Some pictures here.

Adobe MAX 2008 sessions on Adobe TV, mobile too !

The Adobe MAX 2008 sessions are popping up on Adobe TV.
Here is he How to Build a Mobile Business.

WOW Tech Minute blog – Interview with Riku Salminen, Nokia

Here an quick interview by WOW Tech Minute blog of Riku Salminen from Nokia during Adobe MAX 2008 Milan.


Flash Lite mobile application Rock Werchter Mobile Guide, wins Adobe 2008 MAX Europe Award

Via Peter Elst, Thomas won the Adobe 2008 MAX Europe Award in the develop section.

Adobe MAX 2008 Awards – Develop from Peter Elst on Vimeo.
Congratulation to Thomas!!

My new toy, the Sony Ericsson C905, project Caphucin enabled!

Here is my latest new toy, th Sony Ericsson C905. I actually got two phones, I won one during the Sony Ericsson session at MAX and one was given to the presenters at the Mobile Networking Event.

The phone is Project Caphucin enabled so I am planning to do some experiments and develop some Flash Lite [...]

Open Lab Milan event during Adobe MAX 2008 Milan!

Via Bill,  Forum Nokia and Adobe organized the Open Lab Milan during the Adobe MAX 2008 Milan conference.
“Are you a Flash-based designer planning to visit Adobe MAX Europe this December? Book your trip a little bit early and come play with us at Sophia’s Restaurant in downtown Milan the night before the main event. We’d [...]

Moket selected as Forum Nokia Innovation Series, Moket shows Dojo Monkey

Moket selected as Forum Nokia Innovation Series.
Here Mr. Moket, Dale presenting DoJo Monkey at the Mobile Networking Event at Adobe MAX 2008.

“Application: Mobi Screen Maker
Developer:  Moket Pty Ltd., Brisbane, Australia
Mobi Screen Maker creates engaging Adobe® Flash® Lite(TM) mobile content, enabling consumers to customize their own animated screen savers and wallpapers and have them delivered in [...]

Adobe MAX 2008 and Mobile Networking Event pictures !!

The Adobe MAX 2008 conference is over and here some pictures from the conference and from the Mobile Networking Event.

Some videos are in the process to be posted too!! A really cool one !!!

Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player announced, OTA delivery!!

Great news coming from Adobe MAX 2008, Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player via OTA, the AppZone and packager.
Here more information and the publishing settings for Flash Lite 3.1.
“The Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player is the first runtime provided by Adobe to developers for over-the-air distribution together with applications. Flash Lite 3.1 has the same functionalities [...]

Flash Lite Platform Services sample code

Robert from Forum Nokia posted a sample code for the Flash Lite Platform Services for Nokia phones running S60 5th Edition.
Robert will show some example at the Adobe MAX 2008 conference this week, so looking forward to see him and check out what we can do with these APIs.

Leaving for Adobe MAX 2008 San Francisco!

Few more hours and I will leave for San Francisco. I am really looking forward to Adobe MAX 2008 and to meet all the Flash Lite developers attending the conference. As tradition we usually get beers at a bar and talk about mobile!
I think the best part of Adobe MAX 2008 is the networking with [...]

Blogging on

Thanks to Rich and Bill I have the opportunity to blog on the site.
Here is my first post: Adobe Flash Lite for Mobile phones

Adobe MAX 08/09 Mobile Guide, download it!

Here a great Flash Lite application to use during Adobe MAX 2008, the Mobile Guide.


Adobe MAX 2008 Awards finalists, Honoroble mention and Vote!

Here are the Adobe MAX 2008 Awards finalists and the Honoroble mention.
Check out the Mobile and Devices section and give your vote !!

Preparing for Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco, showcasing Kero Mobile!

Friday I will leave for San Francisco to attend Adobe MAX 2008. I am presenting with others Flash Lite developers and also will attend most of the mobile session. In addition this year there are couple of events that are really interesting and if you are attending Adobe MAX 2008 and you are interested in [...]

Flash Lite in numbers!

Mark posted some information about Flash Lite numbers for shipments and geographic location.

Also, Mark mention something very interesting:
“At MAX in San Francisco this year I’ll be talking about how you can being to create and distribute your applications to some of these devices.”