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Jolla launches mobile OS, Sailfish

Jolla launches new mobile OS Sailfish which is based on MeeGo. More information are to be discovered as today there is a streaming video on Jolla SDK ! Also distribution of mobile content will be interesting to know what will look like since Jolla is a open ecosystem.
Here is a short video:


Nokia Suite 3.6.11 Beta available, where is OSX support?

Via SymbianTweet, the Nokia Suite 3.6.11 Beta is available for download but still no support for Mac users. To get the update just go to the update section of Nokia Suite.
I would like to see Nokia Suite support for MacBook since I switching and also because now it supports Windows Phone so I think it’s [...]

Nokia N9 with Android ICS

Looks like you can get Android ICS on a Nokia N9 phone!


Flash Player for Firefox on Nokia N9 in Nokia Store

Via MyNokiaBlog, a great tip for the availability of Flash Player for Firefox on Nokia N9 in Nokia Store

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Nokia N9 PR1.2 available for update

I just got the new Nokia N9 PR1.2 update for my device. Did the backup and update the firmware and many of the pre-installed application. The process is all over OTA, so make sure to have the battery charged.
If you cannot see the update is just a question of time since is been rolling out [...]

Attending Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona

I will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. It’s always a great conference to see and it’s a great way to meet new people in the mobile spance. There will be also the developer conferences.
Also I will be attending the various parties and events during the week.

Mobile Sunday Barcelona
Mobile Premier Awards 2012
GoMo [...]

My new toy: Nokia N9 16 Gb blue

Here is my new toy, thanks to Nokia Developer Champion: Nokia N9 16 Gb blue


Nokia N9 sales between 1.5M and 2.0M in Q4?

Nokia announced their 2011 Q4 financial results and it was not that good!
What I was looking for are the number of Nokia N9 sales. Nokia did not mentioned this number but people start to investigate and looks like that the Nokia N9 sales between 1.5M and 2.0M in Q4 !!!
If true those are really good [...]

Nokia N9 news and upcomging PR1.2

Via, looks like there are some news for the Nokia N9, firmware update coming soon with thousands of improvements.
Also check out some features about the Nokia N9 you might not know.

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Attending Qt Day 2012 in Florence

I will atted the Qt Days 2012 in Florence on January 27th and 28th. I will be interesting where Qt is headed and what is new both from technical and business point. More infos here and here.

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Nokia N9 PR1.2 firmware on the way?

Via MyNokiaBlog, the Nokia N9 PR1.2 firmware update is showing some cool enhancements.

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Nokia N9 apps facebook page

I created a Nokia N9 apps facebook page for developers to showcase their apps, games etc and for Nokia N9 users to get news about content for their phone.
Please join the page and share it with anyone interested.

Augmented reality Nokia N9 site!

This is a very cool interactive site explaining how the Nokia N9 works.
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