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QUI app available in OVI Store: Share GPS location via SMS

Here is a cool application available in OVI Store: QUI
“QUI allows you to share via SMS your location to a friend. Use your GPS to get your location and share it by sending an SMS.”


Kero Mobile available in OVI Store

Kero Mobile is now available in the OVI Store for  Nokia touch devices like the Nokia N8.

“Kero Mobile allows you to access mobile applications, games, media, music, social networking communities, news, sport news, blogs, city information, RSS feeds and more. You can browse, view, play and download content via [...]

Ovi App Wizard Discussion Forum Nokia Champions podcast

Recently Dale and myself got invited by Forum Nokia, Ung-Ping and Jason Black, to have a conversation on our experience using the Ovi App Wizard service. Here is the podcast:

Forum Nokia Podcasts: Episode 036 – Ovi App Wizard Discussion with FN Champions PART 1
Forum Nokia Podcasts: Episode 037 – Ovi App Wizard Discussion with FN [...]

Google IO: brings Flash 10.1 and AIR Mobile to Android

I attended the online video stream from Google IO to follow what’s coming in the Android mobile space. Some really cool enhancements to the mobile platform from performance improvements to a mobile cloud services but also the support for Flash 10.1 and AIR Mobile.
Adobe has posted some information on the Adobe Labs and you can [...]

AdMob passes 200 Billions mobile ads served

This is pretty amazing, AdMob passes 200 Billions mobile ads served.