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Re-Elected Adobe Community Professional

I have been re-elected Adobe Community Professional, thanks to Adobe. I think this is my 7th time since 2005!
Wow pretty cool !

Adobe released Flash Player 11.3 and AIR 3.3

Adobe released few days ago the Flash Player 11.3 and AIR 3.3. They are also available for Android devices.
“With the AIR 3.3 SDK, Flash developers can now create expressive mobile apps and native extensions that target iOS5.1. In addition, this new version of the AIR runtime includes packaging support for iOS5.1 on Windows [...]

AIR 3.2 SDK and runtime released

Adobe released AIR 3.2 SDK and runtime. The update is available on the Google Play (aka Android Market) for Android devices.
I have already updated my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Nokia N9 with Android ICS

Looks like you can get Android ICS on a Nokia N9 phone!


My new toy: BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

At the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona I had the opportunity to follow the RIM developer day and they gave everyone a new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0. Here an unboxing video.

One of the interesting features, beside support for AIR 3 and Flash, is that the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 supports Android applications. Their Android implementation supports [...]

AIR runtime not compatible for Google TV ?!

I am doing some development for the Google TV with the Sony Internet TV but looks like the AIR runtime is not available for this device. It’s strange since Adobe is saying that AIR is supported.
I was trying to do is to install an AIR application I created. Once installed and selected it ased to [...]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched and here is review about the device.


Flash devs are not Mobile devs, that the problem!

Yeap, that’s the problem! Flash developers are not Mobile developers! The mobile developer thinking is very different from other developers.
In the mobile world, fragmentation is mobile! You must enbrace it not fight it ! You won’t find anyone on the planet, about 4 billions mobile phones, who have 2 equal phones with the same apps, [...]

Flash for Mobile browsers dead, finally !

Here is a surprising news from Adobe, they are closing development for Flash on Mobile browsers. Finally! Why I say finally? Because there are no developers who are targeting the mobile browser with Flash, cannot make money with it!
I have always mentioned this to developers, how do you make money from Flash withing a mobile [...]

Sony Internet TV Google TV 2.0 update available

Via, looks like an update for the Sony Internet TV Google TV 2.0 is available bringing Android 3.1 to the Sony Google TV.


My new toy: Logitech Revue Google TV

Here is my new toy: Logitech Revue Google TV
I got this for Android development and really looking forward to the new OS updated coming in few days!

Also will post more impressions about the device soon!


Google TV getting an update

Via Google TV Blog, looks like that Google TV is getting an update soon.

“This software update will be coming to Sony devices starting early next week and Logitech devices soon thereafter. We look forward in the coming months to announcing new software updates as well as new devices on new chipsets from [...]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Via Endgadget, a video on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here is the official announcment


Article: AIR3 secure data persistance

An interesting article on Adobe blogs about AIR3 secure data persistance.
“A second feature in AIR 3 which can make data persistence more secure is the introduction of the mobile EncryptedLocalStore (ELS) API. ELS has been available for the desktop profile since 1.0, but AIR 3 is the first version which makes it available on [...]