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Nokia Here, MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5

Nokia launched their mobile map application, Here, for other mobile platforms but also launched the Nokia Here MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5.

There is a complete documentation for the APIs but also couple of MH5 plans if you want to use in your mobile application development.

Nokia Maps for iOS devices and Android is Here !

After the issues with iOS Maps application many turned at other solutions and asked for dedicated mobile applications for maps. I asked on twitter where was a Nokia Maps app for iOS and Android devices and today Nokia announced that the app is Here !
“People want great maps, and with HERE we can bring together [...]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD announced

Amazon Kindle Fire HD was announced yestarday in addition to other devices. The devices are shipping really soon which is good.
The interesting part is that Amazon is a real competitor for Apple and Google. Amazon has all the digital content that Tablet and smartphone users are looking for.
As I mention before the real problem in [...]

Garage, buy and sell, with your friends, from your pocket!

This is another cool application for iOS devices: Garage.

“Sell your things by simply taking a picture.  Follow your friends and see what they buy and sell. [...]

Re-Elected Adobe Community Professional

I have been re-elected Adobe Community Professional, thanks to Adobe. I think this is my 7th time since 2005!
Wow pretty cool !
инверторные кондиционеры

Quit it App, an app to quit !

This is a pretty cool and clever application for iOS devices, Quit it App. Here is a tutorial explaning what the app does. Basically it helps you set a goal to reach for quitting doing bad habits !

You can get it from the App Store.
кондиционеры инверторные

Windows Phone 8 announced

Via Endgadget, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8. Looks like it will support HD screen/video, nfc, multicore and so on, but current Nokia devices will not receive an upgrade since harware requirements are different. Nokia Drive will be used as navigation system.


Adobe released Flash Player 11.3 and AIR 3.3

Adobe released few days ago the Flash Player 11.3 and AIR 3.3. They are also available for Android devices.
“With the AIR 3.3 SDK, Flash developers can now create expressive mobile apps and native extensions that target iOS5.1. In addition, this new version of the AIR runtime includes packaging support for iOS5.1 on Windows [...]

Google becomes a phone maker: Morotola Mobility

So the deal is done, Google purchased Morotola Mobility.
Now Google can make phones with their own OS, Android. Looks like that a direct competitor to Apple is born and that frangmentation of the Android OS might be lower over time.

Nokia Windows Phone Developer Day in Milan, May 4th

Nokia Windows Phone Developer Day in Milan, May 4th.
“Nokia in collaborazione con Microsoft vi invita a partecipare il 4 maggio 2012 al Nokia – Windows Phone Developer Day. Una giornata ricca di contenuti ed informazioni per approfondire e migliorare le tue applicazioni per i device Nokia con Windows Phone. Tante sessioni [...]