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Amazon Kindle Fire HD announced

Amazon Kindle Fire HD was announced yestarday in addition to other devices. The devices are shipping really soon which is good.
The interesting part is that Amazon is a real competitor for Apple and Google. Amazon has all the digital content that Tablet and smartphone users are looking for.
As I mention before the real problem in [...]

Amazon Kindle Fire era!

When Apple launched the iPhone I made a post about Apple becoming a Mobile Content Network Operator. History reapeats itself!
I think Amazon Kindle Fire might be the same idea. The secret behind the iPhone success is iTunes! iTune has been the platform that lead Apple to drive all paying customers into the iPhone/iPad era. Yes, [...]

New Android Market app!

Via Android dev blog, a new app for the Android Market is on the way to Android phones and tablets. The new client should allow users to buy books and movies but it might be limited at some country at the moment.
“The new Market client is designed to better showcase top apps and games, [...]