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Adobe AIR 2.6 SDK available, updated Android and iOS support!

Via Adobe blog, there is a new release of Adobe AIR 2.6 SDK which includes updates for iOS and Android mobile development.
“Adobe is pleased to announce the availability of the Adobe® AIR® 2.6 SDK and AIR® 2.6 desktop runtimes for Windows, Mac and Linux. With AIR 2.6, AIR achieves feature parity for Android and iOS [...]

Flash Mobile article: Guide for Apple App Store submissions

A new Flash Mobile on Adobe DevNet article: Guide for Apple App Store submissions
“Getting your application accepted into the Apple App Store can be a confusing and difficult process to navigate. Developers often run in to common pitfalls that add time to their submission cycle. Use this guide to understand the steps [...]

Flex Mobile Application on Playbook, Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Via Christophe, a video showcasing the deployment of a Flex Mobile Application on Playbook, Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is exactly the power of Flash Mobile technology, using the same IDE and technology to develop and deploy content to a different set of mobile devices.

BoMaDUG eSeminar: Flash Mobile development opportunities on different platforms and new tools

The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an eSeminar on Friday 13th November at 12 PM EST.

Speaker: Mark Doherty from Adobe, Flash Platform Evangelist Mobile and Devices
Topic: Flash Mobile development opportunities on different platforms and new tools

More information here.
Join the Boston Adobe Mobile and Device User Group to participate to the eSeminar [...]

Flex Mobile blog: Greg on Mobile

Via Dale, there is a new blog from Greg Burch about the new Flex Mobile Framework.

Flash 10.1, Flash Mobile, Flash on iPhone, Air Mobile more information

Today I had to chance to talk via conference call with Adrian Ludwig from Adobe about their Mobile products and strategies. Looks like Adobe read my post “Flash 10.1 Mobile, Air Mobile and Flash Lite content?!” and had some comments/corrections about some specific points, which is good. So I took the chance to ask [...]

Presentation: ELIPS – Mobile Flex Builder Toolkit

Here is a session from Adobe MAX 2009 about ELIPS – Mobile Flex builder Toolkit. This a product from a third party company and it’s not the Slider: Flex Mobile Framework but it’s still in the Flex development area for mobile.

Video: Flex for mobile devices

Check out the video about Flex for mobile devices: Slider: Flex Mobile Framework.
“The initial Slider framework will be optimized to run on high-end smartphones (phones with a processor speed of 400Mhz or more, 128MB of RAM), and will initially target standalone application environments such as Adobe AIR. This matches the category of devices targeted by [...]

Slider: Flex Mobile Framework

Adobe has published some information about Slider: Flex Mobile Framework

Abolish Flash Lite ?

Here is an interview Enrique Duvos talking about Flash vs. HTML 5. He also mention Flash Lite: “That’s why Adobe is planning to reorganize its corporate structure, abolish Flash Lite, which is Flash for embedded devices, in principle and unite embedded software into Flash Player 10 from the next major versions.”
Now, marketing is good, but [...]

Boston MaD User Group eSeminar: Flash Lite content – games and applications – from concept to cash

The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an eSeminar on June 27th, 2008 at 12PM EST (check your local time). Andrea Trento will present: Flash Lite content – games and applications – from concept to cash.
More information here.
The members of the Boston MaD User Group will also have the chance to win [...]

Flex 4 is beginning active development, maybe Flex Mobile too?

Via Marco, Flex 4 is beginning development and they are considering various themes. The interesting part is the last bullet point:
Broadening Horizons: expand the range of applications and use-cases that can leverage Flex. Features could include finding a way to make the framework lighter, supporting more deployment runtimes, runtime MXML.
So, “framework lighter” and “supporting more [...]

Adobe MAX 2007 Chicago registration open

The Adobe MAX 2007 registration for Chicago is open. There are no details for the sessions yet but should be available in 2 weeks!

Check the MAX 2007 blog for more infos and read Ted blog for up to date news on MAX.

On Air Bus Tour

The Adobe On Air bus tour is coming to Boston in August. You can register for free. Hopefully there will be some information on the mobile road map for Air (Apollo) and maybe Flex?!

Flash Lite Friday Digest #12 from Chris and Ghada

The Flash Lite Friday Digest #12 is hosted by Chris and Ghada. Well in New Zealand is already Friday!!! Great Job !!

Previous Flash Lite Friday Digest here.

Mobile MXML and mobile Apollo

Interesting post about Apollo, the new platform from Adobe. If you look at the image RIA Technology Trends there is a hint about Mobile MXML.
So just a hint but important to understand where Adobe is pushing Flash Lite. Look at the FAQ.”03. Will you be able to download Apollo to mobile devices or is it [...]