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Nokia will close MOSH site!

Via AllAboutSymbian, Nokia has announced that they will shut down MOSH before the OVI Store open.

Publish on OVI/OVI Store

At Mobile World Congress, Nokia announced a new service to sell content directly to mobile phones called Publish on OVI. Revenue split is 70/30 which seems to be the industry trend right now. You can reach both S60 and S40 devices and so pretty much all Nokia devices on the market. It seams a great [...] Flash Lite blog reader available for download on MOSH

My Flash Lite blog reader for is available on MOSH for download in sis format.


Flash Lite RSS reader for

Rob created a Flash Lite rss reader for his blog using as reference my article: “Creating a Flash Lite 1.1 RSS Reader“. Pretty cool!!

You can download the Flash Lite application from MOSH

Accelerinvaders Space Invader updated

Via, the super cool mobile game Accelerinvaders Space Invader has been updated. You can download it from MOSH


Nokia MOSH integrate ads

Via IntoMobile, Nokia mobile content sharing and download, MOSH, add mobile ads.
Here more information.

Flash Lite application: Mive.TV

Rodrigo from has a great Flash Lite 2 application,, available for download from MOSH.

I played around the application and looks really good, it streams 3gp videos pretty well!!

AAS Insight #23 – Adobe, Nokia in the US

Via AllAboutSymbian, a new podcast Insight #23 – Adobe, Nokia in the US

News round up

Motorola Z10
MOSH free ad-supported games via Greystripe

Adobe Open Screen Project

Discussion of Flash Lite, Adobe Air future
RIA (Rich Internet Applications) delivered by connected multimedia software platforms

User question from Daniel Wexler – Why isn’t Nokia more aggressive in the US market?
Nokia Design Studio [...]

Nokia MOSH launching Sponsored Mobile Games!!

Nokia MOSH launching Sponsored Mobile Games provided by Greystripes. Here is the mobile site.

Flash Lite Biskero RSS reader available on Handango

My very simple Flash Lite 1.1 Biskero RSS reader is available for free download from Handango.
The application is also available from:


Alessandro Flash Lite rss reader!

I posted for download a very simple Flash Lite application: Flash Lite rss reader. The application reads my rss feed and display it within the Flash Lite application, if you want to view the full article, you can select “view” and read it on the mobile site.

I published it on MOSH and GetJar for [...]

2D barcodes taking off or what?

Here an interesting post from Tommi about 2D bar codes. Seems that 2D bar code are not so popular in the western world and I am really puzzled about it. First, they are easy to use and from a user point of view are really attractive. You get the curiosity of knowing what is!
OEM should [...]

MOSH pass 20 million downloads mark!

MOSH passed the 20 million downloads mark  after few months from initial beta launch.
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Web RunTime and Flash Lite 3 example: MOSH application

Following today news of the Nokia N95 8GB firmware upgrade which adds Flash Lite 3 support, I extended my MOSH demo for WRT and Flash Lite 3. So here is a video showing the MOSH Flash Lite 3 demo, showcasing Flash Video.
I still need to investigate better the WRT especially from a Flash [...]