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Google becomes a phone maker: Morotola Mobility

So the deal is done, Google purchased Morotola Mobility.
Now Google can make phones with their own OS, Android. Looks like that a direct competitor to Apple is born and that frangmentation of the Android OS might be lower over time.

1Billion app downloads over the Holidays!

Via EngadgetMobile, looks like mobile application usage is exploding since over the holidays there were more than 1 Billion downloads on the various mobile application stores.
These are impressive numbers but also pose a challange for developers. On one side is a great opportunity but on the other is a very difficult business to be in.
раздвижные [...]

AIR 3 and Flash 11 available from the Android Market

AIR 3 and Flash 11 are available for your PC but also for your Android device. Just downloaded and installed on my Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Here are the information on all AIR 3 changes which are quite a lot !

Google Android 550000 phones per day and Android Market 250000 apps

Via IntoMobile, yestarday Google has its quaterly earnings and showed some interesting statistics about Android:

550000 activated devices per day
250000 apps in Android Market

Also here some more infos:

The official number of Android applications in the market is 250,000 – this doesn’t include third-party app stores
There have been over 6 billion application downloads from the Android Market [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 3 Android App Stores

Today I installed the 3rd App Store on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Android Market
Samsung Apps
Amazon Appstore (this is why it might make sense)

Will try to make a video on the last 2 app stores.

Why would you want to have 3 app stores on your device? Well many times app store have promotions on premium contnet [...]

Video: Google I/O – Android Market for Developers

If you are publishing content to the Android Market make sure to watch this video from Google I/O.


Google I/O: Android news

Yestarday and today is Google I/O conference days. There are a lot of news from the conference and many updates to the Android ecosystem.
Here some stats from yestaday keynote:

400k Android devices activated daily
200k apps in Android Market
3.5 Billion apps downloads

Also there were many more news like the Android Accessories APIs which look very cool to [...]

Flash Player 10.2 available for download on Android Market

Via Adobe blog, the Flash Player 10.2 is now available for download from Android Market.
The GA release is available for Android 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread) and Android 3.0.1+,
Improvements include:

Performance enhancements to take advantage of new hardware in both Android 3.0.1+ tablets, as well as [...]

Adobe AIR 2.6 for Android available

Adobe AIR 2.6 for Android is now available in the Google Market.
Here some information from Adobe about the release:
Adobe is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Adobe AIR 2.6 for Android smartphones and tablets.  AIR 2.6 for Android adds support for Android 3.0 and the latest Android tablet devices – including the [...]

Mobile World Congress 2011 pictures

Came back from Barcelona yesterday while I was attending the Mobile World Congress 2011, here some pictures:

It was a great event with more than 60000 attendees. I went to several developers related events from Nokia, RIM, Windows Mobile, Intel and HP. Got couple of gifts, Nokia E7 and an Intel MeeGo tablet ! Will post [...]

5K Flash Mobile apps on 1.4B phones !

Via ReadWriteWeb Mobile, some information about mobile application stores with Flash Mobile apps statistics:

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Global smartphone market

Via, an interesting data about global smartphone market:

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Apple lifts ban on 3rd party tools, Flash back in?

Looks like Apple reversed ban on content created with 3rd party tools which includes Flash.
“We are continually trying to make the App Store even better. We have listened to our developers and taken much of their feedback to heart. Based on their input, today we are making some important changes to our [...]

Upcoming Flash Mobile events

Here some upcoming Flash Mobile related events:

Nokia World 2010 in London
Samsung bada Developer Day in Sunnyvale
Nokia Developer Day in San Francisco
DROID does Flash meetup in San Francisco
FITC Mobile 2010 conference in Canada
Adobe MAX 2010 in October Los Angeles
SEE 2010 in Amsterdam


Samsung Bada Developer
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Mobile Application Store revenue share 90%, why not?

Yes you read right, the Mobile Application Store revenue share should be 90%. Japanese OEM/Operators are the best example to follow on this and soon or later it will happen elsewhere.
But why not sooner then later? Why not Nokia or Samsung just on this and beat everyone else on competing in the Application Store revenue [...]