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AAS Insight 93 podcast

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight 93 podcast is now available.

Q3 Smartphone figures from Canalys
Fujitsu and Quic join the board of the Symbian Foundation
SEE 2009 retrospective and media reaction (Rafe rants a bit)
N97 v20 firmware comments and thoughts from Steve
Closure on N-Gage – thoughts and comments from Ewan and Steve


AAS Insight 70 podcast

Here is a new podcast from AllAboutSymbian, AAS Insight 70

Nokia E52
Pandemonium for N-Gage
N96 v20 firmware released
Symbian^4 discussion with regards to Qt based Orbit replacing AVKON UI
Discussion of N97 processor and other specifications
E71x mention, check Nokia Experts for more.


AAS Insight 69 available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight 69 podcast is available:

Ovi Store and operator billing
5800 v21 firmware
Small application updates from Google
Age of Empire III – N-Gage game summary from Ewan
Rafe reports back from the Nokia Developer Summit. Ovi Store, QT and WRT, Nokia Messaging and more.


AAS Insight 68

Via AllAboutSymbian, a new podcast:

AAS Podcast in the real world (in the pub beer garden)
Ovi Store and Widsets, getting content into the Ovi Store, N-Gage and the Ovi Store
Devices Rafe and Steve have bought for themselves: Nokia E75 and Nokia N82
Steve on Xenon flash devices (Nokia N82, Nokia 6220c, Sony Ericsson Idou)
Orange and 3 (UK [...]

AllAboutSymbian: Insight 46 – RoadSync, N96 and more on UIQ

New podcast from AllAboutSymbian: Insight 46 – RoadSync, N96 and more on UIQ

Steve talks about the N96 and the mixed reviews we’ve been seeing on the web.
DataViz have released RoadSync version 4.
Ewan’s first impressions of the N-Gage game ONE.
Manufacturers commitment to the Symbian Foundation (Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson).
Discussion about UIQ. What role can in [...]

AAS Insight #41 – N96 and iPlayer, Android, N-Gage

A new AllAboutSymbian podcast Insight #41:

N96 and BBC iPlayer (does DVB-H matter)?
Launch of T-Mobile G1 (first Android phone), we discuss some first impressions
N-Gage – upcoming titles and state of play


Insight 40: SMP on Symbian OS, N79 and Gaming

Via AllAboutSymbian, Insight 40 podcast: SMP on Symbian OS, N79 and Gaming

N82 v30 Firmware, news or not?
Visit to Symbian, part 1: Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) – Symbian OS on multiple processor cores.
Steve’s first impressions of the Nokia N79
Upcoming previews
Gaming – discussing N-Gage and iPhone


N-Gage support added for Nokia XpressMusic 5320, N78, N96

Via IntoMobile, Nokia announced the support for more phones, Nokia XpressMusic 5320, N78, N96, for the gaming platform N-Gage.

AllAboutSymbian Podcast #81

AllAboutSymbian Podcast #81 is available:
Topics covered include:

Missing Sync for Symbian
Sims 2 Pets for N-Gage
Discussion of Bill of Materials for the iPhone and smartphones in general
The Motorola MOTO Z10 (shortly to be reviewed by Ewan and Steve)
Report from the launch of the Nokia E71 and E66, along with first impressions from the whole team
Musings over the [...]

AAS Podcast #80

A new podcast from AllAboutSymbian, AAS Podcast #80, here are the topics:

An Evening with S60 in Boston.
The LG KT610 Clam-shell smart phone.
iGoogle and the new Google Reader for S60.
Cloud Computing and Social Services, as we discuss the relative merits of Apple’s MobileMe and Nokia’s Ovi.
What’s up with the games on the N-Gage platform.
And I think [...]

Insight 26: N78, N-Gage and Maps 2.0

Via AllAboutSymbian, Insight 26: N78, N-Gage and Maps 2.0

New Devices

Touch Diamond, Forthcoming Apple iPhone 3G, Blackberry Bold

Looking ahead to the S60 Summit
First impressions of the N78 from Stefam
N-Gage Games transfer issue. Please note the podcast was recorded in advance. Since recording Nokia have released a statement indicating that games transfer will be allowed. There is [...]

Nokia will fix N-Gage game transfers

Via AllAboutSymbian, Nokia is working on solution to let N-Gage games to be transfered from your old phone to the new one.
Here some more infos.

Mobile Game Innovation Challenge

Via Andrea, Mobile Game Innovation Challenge.

“The first competition of its kind to encourage unique concepts in mobile gaming from developers of all backgrounds and all levels, the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge seeks the best in groundbreaking ideas and game concepts from the brightest and most creative minds in gaming today.
Sponsored by Nokia Publishing, the Mobile [...]

Nokia N-Gage 2.0 has released!!

Via IntoMobile, the Nokia N-Gage 2.0 released!!


Insight 18: Samsung S60 phones and video from the phone

Via AllAboutSymbian, a new podcast Insight 18: Samsung S60 phones and video from the phone

Review Space Impact: Kappa Base for N-Gage

Via AllAboutN-Gage, a a great review of a new game: Space Impact


N-Gage game, Hooked On: Creatures Of The Deep

Via AllAboutSymbian, here a great review of the Creatures Of The Deep game for N-Gage. Here is a video.