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AIR 3 and Flash 11 available from the Android Market

AIR 3 and Flash 11 are available for your PC but also for your Android device. Just downloaded and installed on my Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Here are the information on all AIR 3 changes which are quite a lot !

Google Android 550000 phones per day and Android Market 250000 apps

Via IntoMobile, yestarday Google has its quaterly earnings and showed some interesting statistics about Android:

550000 activated devices per day
250000 apps in Android Market

Also here some more infos:

The official number of Android applications in the market is 250,000 – this doesn’t include third-party app stores
There have been over 6 billion application downloads from the Android Market [...]

New Android Market app!

Via Android dev blog, a new app for the Android Market is on the way to Android phones and tablets. The new client should allow users to buy books and movies but it might be limited at some country at the moment.
“The new Market client is designed to better showcase top apps and games, [...]

Nokia N9, Android app support Alien Dalvik, AIR Mobile/Flash ?

Via, it’s known that there is project, Alien Dalvik, to run Android apps on MeeGo and Playbook, it might be a way to get AIR Mobile/Flash to run on the Nokia MeeGo devices like the Nokia N9.
“Alien Dalvik allows app stores and developers to simply repackage the Android .apk installation files and then [...]

AIR 2.7 Mobile for Android available for download

Via Paul, great news today, a new release is available for AIR 2.7 and AIR 2.7 SDK. Check your Android device for the update.

Enhanced rendering for iOS – AIR apps for iOS render up to 4x faster in CPU mode. This change will improve the performance of many AIR for iOS apps, including those built [...]

Video: Google I/O – Android Market for Developers

If you are publishing content to the Android Market make sure to watch this video from Google I/O.


Google I/O: Android news

Yestarday and today is Google I/O conference days. There are a lot of news from the conference and many updates to the Android ecosystem.
Here some stats from yestaday keynote:

400k Android devices activated daily
200k apps in Android Market
3.5 Billion apps downloads

Also there were many more news like the Android Accessories APIs which look very cool to [...]

How To: AIR Mobile for Android and Amazon Appstore

I was looking around for information about publishing AIR Mobile content for Android in the Amazon Appstore and found a good post on the Adobe blog.
So I gave it a try and got into command line issues, but finally I figure out the details. Key to make everything work on the Amazon Appstore is that [...]

AIR Mobile lacks SMS body input!?

It’s several months (maybe more) that I am experimenting and develope in Air Mobile.
While doing  an application porting from Flash Lite to AIR Mobile (Android at the moment) I encounter an issue with SMS support. Not sure why I did not encounter this before, maybe because I was thinkging it should not be an issue.
Basically [...]

Adobe CS5.5 announced, mobile development infos!

Today Adobe announced the latest development suite CS5.5 which has a lot of new mobile development features.

There are very cool features including piblishing for iOS, Android and RIM PlayBook. Sounds interesting!

Adobe AIR 2.6 SDK available, updated Android and iOS support!

Via Adobe blog, there is a new release of Adobe AIR 2.6 SDK which includes updates for iOS and Android mobile development.
“Adobe is pleased to announce the availability of the Adobe® AIR® 2.6 SDK and AIR® 2.6 desktop runtimes for Windows, Mac and Linux. With AIR 2.6, AIR achieves feature parity for Android and iOS [...]

Nokia Qt port to Android How To: video

Via MyNokiaBlog, It’s flying around the web some interesting projects of porting Nokia Qt to Android. Here is a great video from Alessandro!

Looks like the project is coming along pretty good. Apps work great, Qt libraries (Ministro) are downloaded directly to the Android device. The process is similar to the AIR Mobile download process.

Adobe AIR 2.6 for Android available

Adobe AIR 2.6 for Android is now available in the Google Market.
Here some information from Adobe about the release:
Adobe is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Adobe AIR 2.6 for Android smartphones and tablets.  AIR 2.6 for Android adds support for Android 3.0 and the latest Android tablet devices – including the [...]

Flex Mobile Application on Playbook, Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Via Christophe, a video showcasing the deployment of a Flex Mobile Application on Playbook, Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is exactly the power of Flash Mobile technology, using the same IDE and technology to develop and deploy content to a different set of mobile devices.

AIR Mobile for Android available in Android Market

Adobe new mobile solution AIR Mobile for Android is now available in Android Market.
Check Ryan post on What Happens When Your Users Install an AIR For Android Application Without AIR
I have asked a question to Ryan on his blog which is an old recurring question which I think needs to be addressed:
“if there is a [...]