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Nokia Symbian Belle rolling out!

Via MyNokiaBlog, looks like Nokia Symbian Belle rolling out! Just installing Nokia Symbian Belle on my Nokia N8, let see what it brings !
Check via Nokia Suite if the update is available, it might take few days to reach everyone. The update is rolling out for other Symbian^3 devices too.
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Upcoming Symbian Belle on Nokia N8 video

Here is a video showcasing the latest Symbian Belle OS running on a Nokia N8.


Nokia Store from Nokia Beta Labs available for testing

Nokia Beta Labs released a new Nokia Store client for some devices and they are looking for feedback.
The Nokia Store is a QML client and it’s available for the following devices: Nokia C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, E7-00, N8-00, X7-00.
“This beta Store client will replace the current Store client on your Symbian^3 or Symbian Anna [...]

Symbian Anna and Belle

Nokia released a new update for their Symbian^3 devices, Symbian Anna. They also announced the latest Symbian Belle OS in addition to several devices which are all Flash Lite 4 enabled:

Nokia 500
Nokia 600
Nokia 700
Nokia 701

I just installed Symbian Anna on my Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 and it looks like a great update especially the [...]

Symbian Anna coming July/August

Via Nokia Conversation, looks like Symbian Anna OS update is on the way to customers first and than in August as an update for current users.
“Upgrading to a ‘new look’ phone is free and easy. You can update your device with your PC or over-the-air from the software updater in the phone. The [...]

Nokia Symbian Anna available in July

Nokia Symbian Anna firmware update will be available in July.

“At Nokia Connection, Nokia also restated its commitment to Symbian. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop said in his keynote that over the next 12 months the company plans to bring up to 10 new Symbian-based smartphones to market.”

QUI app available in OVI Store: Share GPS location via SMS

Here is a cool application available in OVI Store: QUI
“QUI allows you to share via SMS your location to a friend. Use your GPS to get your location and share it by sending an SMS.”


Nokia sensors and Burton snowboarding

Here some great news from Nokia and Burton Snowboards: “For those who haven’t seen it, Push Snowboarding is a project that creates a personal ‘dashboard’ for snowboarders carrying a Nokia N8 and a bunch of other sensors. The Nokia N8 GPS measures altitude and speed whilst 4 other sensors send data to [...]

Nokia Developer Day, Barcelona 2011: videos

Here is a short video with a comment of mine during the Nokia Developer Day, Barcelona 2011:


Mobile World Congress 2011 pictures

Came back from Barcelona yesterday while I was attending the Mobile World Congress 2011, here some pictures:

It was a great event with more than 60000 attendees. I went to several developers related events from Nokia, RIM, Windows Mobile, Intel and HP. Got couple of gifts, Nokia E7 and an Intel MeeGo tablet ! Will post [...]

AAS Insight #152 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight #152 podcast is available:

Nokia Bike Charger
Nokia Internet Radio for Symbian^3
MWC look ahead, brief discussion of looking ahead to friday’s Analyst and Financial event.
PR 1.1 for Nokia C7, N8 and C6-01
HDR Camera
Ewan on Nokia C5-03

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Nokia OVI Store statistics

Bill published Nokia OVI Store stats from end of January.

Downloads of content 4 million a day
Symbian^3 devices (N8, C7, and C6) now account for around 15% of total store downloads in the past 10 weeks
Touch devices account for 6 of Ovi Store’s top 10 downloading device models