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Flash Lite enabled Nokia list updated

I updated the list of Nokia Flash Lite enabled devices on the FlashLite4Nokia blog. I think I am missing some devices compare to Bill’s list and to the Forum Nokia.
As soon as I find them I will add the pages.

My latest project: is now live!

It’s sometime that I think about this new project and now I can announce it, it’s a new blog dedicated to Nokia mobile phones and Flash Lite:

Why? Well I am a big fan of information and when is not organized it not useful. So I decide to collect all the information about Flash Lite [...]

Nokia Internet Radio review

Via AllAboutSymbian, Steve posted a great review of Nokia Internet Radio. I really like this application as I use it every morning on my communite to listen radio from Italy.

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Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition is now available for download from Adobe Labs

The Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition is now available for download from Adobe Labs. This is a standalone player and does not integrate with the browser, wallpaper or screensaver capabilities of Nokia mobile phones. The player is not IMEI locked which means that you can install it on any supported Nokia mobile phones.
Here is the [...]

Nokia Audiobooks on Beta Labs

Via Tommi, here another cool application from Nokia Labs, Nokia Audiobooks

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Flash Lite Chalk Talks at Adobe MAX 2007

Here another reason to go to Adobe MAX 2007, Hartti from Forum Nokia and myself will be doing six Chalk Talks (interactive 20-minute talks) at the Web and Interactive Design Technology Zone at MAX in Chicago.
Here is Hartti Chalk Talks:

Tue 3-3:20: Flash Lite on Nokia devices and support of various application types
Wed 1-1:20: Packaging and [...]

Nokia Q2 results released

Via AllAboutSymbian, Nokia released their Q2 financial results and quite good. In terms of phones sold, 2 million E-series and 9 millions N-series were sold. Which means 11 millions Flash Lite enabled phones in one quarter!! This not counting the Series 40 mass market mobile phone sales.
Also 1.5 millions Nokia N95 were sold !
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Bill explains iPhone and Flash

Bill got an iPhone and he posted some infos regarding Flash not supported on the iPhone.

John spotted Bill in line to get an iiPhone!!
Just a note for the people trying to develop for the browser, there are already millions of Nokia out there supporting Flash Lite 1.1 and 2.0 content within the WAP and S60 [...]

Flash Lite User Agent Profile updated

I updated the Flash Lite User Agent Profile. I added some new Nokia S40 and S60 handsets with Flash Lite. I would be great to have something similar for other manufacturers and including the fscommnd2 section per each phone model.


Virgin Mobile radio avaialble for Nokia 3rd Edition phones

Via AllAboutSymbian, the Virgin Radio and Podcast player is available for Nokia 3rd Edition phones.


An Evening With S60 at the Nokia Chicago store

Via Darla, “An Evening with S60” to be held at the Nokia Flagship Store in Chicago, Thursday June 7, 2007 from 6pm to 8pm (they’re shutting the store down early for us!). It’s a night of networking, technology, and of course…fun!
We’re still busy putting together an exciting agenda for the night, but so far [...]

Device Central CS3 review

I got to play around with Device Central under Flash CS3. Finally we got a cool emulator for all the capabilities and features of Flash Lite. First it’s important to know that Device Central is accessible from all Adobe CS3 software tools and that the capabilities and features that you can use depends on where [...]

Nokia Q1 earnings

Here are the Nokia Q1 earnings. Seems they are doing pretty well and mobile phones shipment are up from last year (91 millions). The Nseries sold 8 millions units and the N95 is doing really well. Plus other phones sales are doing good. So there are many of Flash Lite enabled phones sold !!

Nokia PC Suite Version 6.83

Nokia PC Suite version 6.83 available for download.

Forum Nokia Remote Device Access and Flash Lite content

Forum Nokia gave access to the Remote Device Access service for free. Basically you have access to devices and you can test applications. So I tried to test a Flash Lite 2.0 application on a Nokia N95, and it worked.
Well it worked until I needed network connection, but even the browser was not connecting so [...]

Flash Lite User Agent Profile updated

I update the list of Nokia Flash Lite enabled phones.


Device Central CS3, Flash Lite emulator and more..

Continuing to think about the Device Central CS3 tool, I posted some thoughts on my Forum Nokia Champion blog.

getURL(”tel:12345678″); disabled on Flash Lite 1.1 enabled phones?

I am testing an application that uses the getURL(”tel:1234567890″); Flash Lite 1.1 api call to make a phone call, but on my Nokia N93, Nokia N91 and Nokia N80 for the embedded Flash Lite 1.1 player, it’s not working. The Flash Lite 2.1 player allows this api call.
I tried on my Nokia 5300, which has [...]