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Nokia N9 video

Here is a great video showcasing the Nokia N9


AAS Insight #147 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight #147 podcast available

Games round up (keep yourself entertain over the holiday season), includes:

Angry Birds Seasons
Real Golf 2011
Free EA Games on Ovi Store for all devices

Music round up, includes:

Mobbler on Symbian^3
Ovi Music free Christmas tracks

Nokia E7 delay discussion

For Christmas I would like (some sensible suggestions, some less so…)
Symbian Foundation websites now [...]

AllAboutSymbian review Nokia N8, messaging and gaming

AllAboutSymbian review of Nokia N8

Nokia N8: part 4 – Messaging, Email, Web
Nokia N8: part 3 – Multimedia and Gaming
Nokia N8: part 2 – camera and camcorder
Nokia N8: part 1, overview and hardware

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Free OVI Guide online

Here is the latest issue of the Free OVI Guide.
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Nokia World 2010 and Developer Summit recap

I came back yesterday from Nokia World 2010 and Nokia Developer Summit and overall was a great event. The commitment from Nokia on new technologies, devices and OVI services was present in every spot of the conference. Nokia announced 4 new devices and also the availability of the Nokia N8:

Nokia E7
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia C3-01

The Nokia [...]

AAS Insight 133 podcast

Via AllAboutSymbian, AAS Insight 133 podcast is available.

Nokia 5250

Discussion on the importance of low end handsets

Steve’s Support extravaganza added to Ovi Maps
Nokia and Intel open joint research centre for 3D mobile user experiences

and commentary of Nokia’s open innovation framework for research

Steve on Let’s Golf

Discussion on native versus Java games

Momax Mains Battery Charger
Nokia Music / Comes [...]

Nokia 5228 launches in Germany

Via AllAboutSymbian, the driving ed games discussion from GRR″ target=”_blank”>Nokia 5228 launches in Germany.
“The Nokia 5228, a variant of the Nokia 5230 was launched in Germany yesterday, reports Symbian World. The 5228 has the same styling and design as the Nokia 5230 and broadly similar specifications. However it lacks the 5230’s 3G cellular radio and integrated [...]

Ovi Music client v11.4.1 released

There is a new update for OVI Music client v11.4.1
“The latest Ovi Music version enables simple One Click Album Download. Now you can also preview a 30 second clip of the track before downloading it (please note that access to some features may vary based on your location and available services). To get the latest [...]

AAS Insight 113 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, AAS Insight 113 podcast available.

Nokia launches Comes with Music in China
Ovi Maps on E66 and E71
Nokia acquires MetaCarta
Symbian Web Tools
iPhone OS 4

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Nokia OVI Player 2.1 released

Via, the OVI Player 2.1 has been released with several bug fixes and enhancements.

Nokia 5235 Comes With Music announced

Via Nokia Conversation, the Nokia 5235 Comes With Music was announced. It’s a Flash Lite 3.0 enabled phone.


Nokia Ovi, the World minus the US is enough!

Via, an interesting interview of Tero Ojanperä Nokia’s EVP of Services. Looks like Nokia effort with the OVI Store is the rest of the world minus US. Some numbers about Ovi services:

Ovi Mail has more than 3 million subscribers, and carriers like the push email because it boosts data usage. Nokia has signed over [...]

Nokia OVI Player released

Via AllAboutSymbian, the Nokia Music Player is now called Nokia OVI Player.