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Nokia Suite 3.6.11 Beta available, where is OSX support?

Via SymbianTweet, the Nokia Suite 3.6.11 Beta is available for download but still no support for Mac users. To get the update just go to the update section of Nokia Suite.
I would like to see Nokia Suite support for MacBook since I switching and also because now it supports Windows Phone so I think it’s [...]

Nokia Symbian Belle rolling out!

Via MyNokiaBlog, looks like Nokia Symbian Belle rolling out! Just installing Nokia Symbian Belle on my Nokia N8, let see what it brings !
Check via Nokia Suite if the update is available, it might take few days to reach everyone. The update is rolling out for other Symbian^3 devices too.
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Nokia Suite 3.2.64 Beta update available

Nokia Beta Labs updated/rebranded the Nokia Suite to 3.2.64 Beta with major improvements and changes:

Nokia Ovi Suite is now called Nokia Suite
The application has a refreshed look and feel
The new Support view offers info and help with using Nokia Suite and your phone
The Support view helps make sure you have enough free space on your [...]

Nokia Ovi Suite Beta

Via Nokia Beta Labs, Nokia Ovi Suite Beta release adds some great features.

The direct download and installation of free Ovi Store apps, games, and more from the Nokia Ovi Suite home view to your connected phone. Just sign in first with Nokia account.
A simplified Maps view. You can instantly see which maps you [...]

OVI Suite and OVI Store updates

There are two updates available for OVI Suite and OVI Store:

OVI Suite
OVI Store client

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Nokia OVI Suite 3.0 Beta released

Nokia OVI Suite 3.0 Beta has been released.
“Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 has been in private Alpha testing here in Nokia Beta Labs now for about one month and now we ready to raise curtains for all of you. We have been working heavily to improve general quality of Nokia Ovi Suite, for [...]

Free OVI Guide online

Here is the latest issue of the Free OVI Guide.
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AAS Insight #136 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight #136 podcast is now available:

Looking back at Nokia World

What were our overall impressions?
What did we enjoy?
Touches on the new devices: C6-01, C7-00 and E7-00

Importance of Symbian^3
Sony Ericsson Symbian handset plans
Developer related announcements

Ovi Store Client
In-app billing
Consolidated operator billing
Qt 4.7 released
Nokia’s $10 million developer competition

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Nokia World 2010 and Developer Summit recap

I came back yesterday from Nokia World 2010 and Nokia Developer Summit and overall was a great event. The commitment from Nokia on new technologies, devices and OVI services was present in every spot of the conference. Nokia announced 4 new devices and also the availability of the Nokia N8:

Nokia E7
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia C3-01

The Nokia [...]

Nokia OVI Suite v2.2.1.23 update

Nokia OVI Suite v2.2.1.23 update is available.
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Nokia financial results out, numbers looking good!

Nokia financial results are out and seems it’s looking good !
Read a good analysis from Tomi with some great numbers for handsets and OVI Store.
“Nokia continued to grow and enhance the usability of Ovi Store for consumers and publishers. The release of Ovi Store 1.7 during the second quarter delivers improvements to browsing and search [...]

OVI Suite new version

Via SymbianTweet, a new version for the OVI Suite is available for download.

Nokia Software Updater gets smart!

Via Nokia Beta Labs, they have released a new version of the Nokia Software Update desktop application that allows to update the device firmware and applications on your device. Note that the software is in development phase and Nokia is looking for feedback.

It’s a great improvement which should be integrated in OVI Suite in a [...]

AAS Insight 124 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight 124 podcast is available.

Evolution of Nseries – Symbian and MeeGo platform discussion
Mobile developers and app stores discussion
Nokia’s new developer initiatives
Ovi Store update
Ovi Suite 2.2 update
iPhone 4 reception issue and aerial engineering
Sports Tracker Bluetooth heart monitors
ARG conspiracy

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OVI Suite 2.2 is out

Via mobilelivingroom, the OVI Suite 2.2 is out.
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OVI Suite 2.1.1 update available

Via Symbian Tweet, OVI Suite 2.1.1 update is available.

OVI Suite 2.1 released

Nokia OVI Suite 2.1 released. More infos from AllAboutSymbian.