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Nokia Projects gets a refresh

Nokia Projects got a site refresh and get a look at the listed projects.

Web-based project management with version control, discussion forums, ticketing and more
Multiple version control systems: SVN, Git, Mercurial
Connect to expertise in the world’s largest mobile developer community


Mobile App Stores are wallet garder silos?!

After my previous post, Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?, Andrea posted a message on twitter which is a very well known issue for long time for anyone in the mobile space. Before there were carriers/operators that were the gate to get mobile content now OEM have been added [...]

Flash Java Open C/C++ python Qt Symbian C++ Web Runtime etc.

Yes, I prefer to have the choice and create content with what ever programming language I choose and if I am not happy with the choices I am free to create my own and distribute it/install it on the mobile phone that I targeted !!!
The latest Nokia N8 lists the many different programming languages that [...]

AT&T getting the Nokia E71 with E72 naming?

Via Engadgermobie, ATT might be getting the Nokia E71 but seems that will it rename E72, similar to what happened to the E61/E62.Most likely they will get the Nokia E71 NAM version.
Hopefully they do not strip all the cool functionality as they did we the previous one.

Forum Nokia: Boston Flash Lite Technology Day, October 10th

If you are in the Boston area you might want to come to the first Forum Nokia Boston Flash Lite Technology Day on October 10th.
Here is the list of speakers:

Ganesh Sivaraman,Internet and Web 2.0 Business Development Manager, Forum Nokia
Robert Burdick, Senior Architect for Emerging Technologies, Forum Nokia
Bill Perry, Mobile and Devices Evangelist, Adobe
James Talbot,  Adobe
Alessandro [...] launched !!

Scott launched a new site, It’s a site dedicated to job posting in the mobile space with emphasis on mobile technologies. Look at the site layout and you will understand the idea. Very cool!!

Symbian goes Open Source !

This is pretty big news, Nokia buys Symbian and the Symbian OS goes Open Source, Symbian Foundation.
Here is a white paper with more infos.
“The foundation will also provide the integration for other commercial development environments including Java, Adobe FlashLite and Microsoft Silverlight enabling device manufacturers to integrate into their devices offering and further expand the [...]

Mobile game, play soccer with pyWuzzler

Via Philipp, a cool mobile game, pyWuzzler, that uses the accelerometer of Nokia handsets to play soccer: “The idea of pyWuzzler is to use the acceleration sensor of the mobile phone Nokia N95 to play a table soccer game.”


Python for the S60 Platform eLearning

Here is a great resource from Forum Nokia: Python for the S60 Platform eLearning
“Learn about Python, the open source programming language optimized for rapid application prototyping. It is an object-oriented scripting language that is easy to learn and use and supported on many platforms. This module gives students an idea of where and how the [...]

Forum Nokia Mobile Web Server Challenge

Another contest from Forum Nokia Mobile: Web Server Challenge


Forum Nokia: 2008 Code Example Challenge

Forum Nokia is organizing the 2008 Code Example Challenge.
Basicly you will need to create an article with code example (demo) and posted on the Forum Nokia Wiki using any technologies supported by Nokia !!

“The contest starts March 11th, 2008 and ends May 31st, 2008 winners will be selected and announced shortly afterwards. There will be [...]

My latest project: is now live!

It’s sometime that I think about this new project and now I can announce it, it’s a new blog dedicated to Nokia mobile phones and Flash Lite:

Why? Well I am a big fan of information and when is not organized it not useful. So I decide to collect all the information about Flash Lite [...]

Mobile Web Server: new release

Via Mobile Web Server Blog, there is a new release of the Mobile Web Server from Nokia.


Nokia, Symbian and more for 2008

Via AllAboutSymbian, here a great set of information from Rafe at AllAboutSymbian related to Symbian, Nokia and more. This year we will see many interesting things from Nokia.
Here is the part that is interesting for developers:
“For developers there will an emphasis on the run-time and other tools that widen the developer base: Open C, WRT, [...]

ShakerRacer: Real RC car controlled with the N95 acceleration sensor

Well, a remote controlled car with a Nokia N95 is pretty sleek!! Basically the Nokia N95 controls the car via bluetooth and the build-in accelerometer.
Check out the project and the video.
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PHP and MySQL coming to S60!

This is a pretty cool news: PHP and MySQL coming to S60! Combined with the fact that you can run Apache S60, Mobile Web Server, Python S60, on these phone already and that the Web Runtime is coming to S60, it seems a pretty powerful set of technology additions.
I am already thinking how to integrate [...]

Mobile Web Server book published

Via Mobile Web Server blog, they put together a book about the S60 Web Server.
“This book was designed to fulfill a multitude of roles. First, it provides an introduction to the mobile Web server concept and the actual products currently available. This enables readers new to the topic to learn quickly and easily just what [...]

Mobile Python book

Antonio has a post about the Mobile Python book that was launched at the Smarphone Show, the author of the book is Jürgen Scheible, who I met in Singapore last June, great guy!!
As you know Python for S60 is a great technology and can be integrated with Flash Lite, just check the Flyer project from [...]