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Nokia Here, MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5

Nokia launched their mobile map application, Here, for other mobile platforms but also launched the Nokia Here MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5.

There is a complete documentation for the APIs but also couple of MH5 plans if you want to use in your mobile application development.

Nokia N9 PR1.2 available for update

I just got the new Nokia N9 PR1.2 update for my device. Did the backup and update the firmware and many of the pre-installed application. The process is all over OTA, so make sure to have the battery charged.
If you cannot see the update is just a question of time since is been rolling out [...]

My new toy: Nokia N9 16 Gb blue

Here is my new toy, thanks to Nokia Developer Champion: Nokia N9 16 Gb blue


Nokia N9 news and upcomging PR1.2

Via, looks like there are some news for the Nokia N9, firmware update coming soon with thousands of improvements.
Also check out some features about the Nokia N9 you might not know.

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Attending Qt Day 2012 in Florence

I will atted the Qt Days 2012 in Florence on January 27th and 28th. I will be interesting where Qt is headed and what is new both from technical and business point. More infos here and here.

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Nokia N9 update v20.2011.40-4 available

Today a nice surprise, the Nokia N9 received an update v20.2011.40-4. A notification appeared on the screen and via the Application manager you can download the update wchich included many applications update. The update was simple and without any issues. Other applications received also an update.

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Symbian Anna coming July/August

Via Nokia Conversation, looks like Symbian Anna OS update is on the way to customers first and than in August as an update for current users.
“Upgrading to a ‘new look’ phone is free and easy. You can update your device with your PC or over-the-air from the software updater in the phone. The [...]

Nokia Ovi Store 6 Million daily downloads

Via Nokia Developers, the Nokia OVI Store has reached 6M downloads per day.

300,000 new Nokia accounts are created daily
48,000 apps now available
190 countries and over 30 languages
121 operators across 42 countries

“By the end of May 2011, more than 170 developers had each exceeded 1 million downloads on Ovi Store. Among those developers, 15 companies [...]

Nokia N9, Android app support Alien Dalvik, AIR Mobile/Flash ?

Via, it’s known that there is project, Alien Dalvik, to run Android apps on MeeGo and Playbook, it might be a way to get AIR Mobile/Flash to run on the Nokia MeeGo devices like the Nokia N9.
“Alien Dalvik allows app stores and developers to simply repackage the Android .apk installation files and then [...]

Nokia N9 announced, MeeGo 1.2 device

Nokia today announced their new device Nokia N9. The device uses a swipe gesture for the entire UI and it’s based on MeeGo 1.2.
Here are the specs on Nokia Developer site. It seems at the moment with no Flash technology.

Ok, here is a hands on.


Nokia X7 on th way, video!

Here is a video showcasing the new Nokia X7 and should be announced soon. There are not much details about this new phone beside it’s a Symbian^3 device with a newer firmware, other specs not available yet!

Looks like they made it private!

OVI Store stats: 35,000 apps available

Here some stats from the OVI Store:

Ovi Store attracts more than 4 million downloads a day.
About 80% of Ovi Store traffic converts to downloads.
Of Ovi Store’s signed-in users, 85% are repeat visitors.
Each active user averages 8.5 downloads per month.
Active users represent more than 190 countries.
There are more than 35,000 apps available.
Games are No. 1 among [...]

Nokia Qt port to Android How To: video

Via MyNokiaBlog, It’s flying around the web some interesting projects of porting Nokia Qt to Android. Here is a great video from Alessandro!

Looks like the project is coming along pretty good. Apps work great, Qt libraries (Ministro) are downloaded directly to the Android device. The process is similar to the AIR Mobile download process.