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Symbian 3.2 and 5.0 updates coming

Via Nokia Conversation, there are some updates coming to Symbian 3.2 and 5.0 devices. There will be updates in the browser and OVI Maps. Here are the devices which will get the updates in the coming weeks:
Symbian 3.2

Nokia E72
Nokia E52
Nokia E5
Nokia C5-00
Nokia 6700 slide

Symbian 5.0

Nokia C6-00
Nokia C5-03
Nokia 5230
Nokia 5235
Nokia 5250
Nokia X6
Nokia N97 mini
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia [...]

Nokia Ovi Store 6 Million daily downloads

Via Nokia Developers, the Nokia OVI Store has reached 6M downloads per day.

300,000 new Nokia accounts are created daily
48,000 apps now available
190 countries and over 30 languages
121 operators across 42 countries

“By the end of May 2011, more than 170 developers had each exceeded 1 million downloads on Ovi Store. Among those developers, 15 companies [...]

Flash Lite game Tic Tac Toe Blue is #2 in Nokia OVI Store

Via Biskero blog, the Flash Lite game Tic Tac Toe Blue is #2 in the free game global category and in the arcade free game category in Nokia OVI Store.
“Tic Tac Toe Blue, a classic game. Play against your phone from 4 different levels: EASY, NORMAL, EXPERT and [...]

QUI app available in OVI Store: Share GPS location via SMS

Here is a cool application available in OVI Store: QUI
“QUI allows you to share via SMS your location to a friend. Use your GPS to get your location and share it by sending an SMS.”


OVI Store stats: 35,000 apps available

Here some stats from the OVI Store:

Ovi Store attracts more than 4 million downloads a day.
About 80% of Ovi Store traffic converts to downloads.
Of Ovi Store’s signed-in users, 85% are repeat visitors.
Each active user averages 8.5 downloads per month.
Active users represent more than 190 countries.
There are more than 35,000 apps available.
Games are No. 1 among [...]

Nokia Developer Day, Barcelona 2011: videos

Here is a short video with a comment of mine during the Nokia Developer Day, Barcelona 2011:


Nokia OVI Store update v2.06.00042

There is a new version of the Nokia OVI Store client v2.06.00042, just launch the OVI Store from your phone to get the update.

AAS Insight #146 podcast available

Via AllAboutSymbian, the AAS Insight #146 podcast available

YouTube on Symbian^3
Skype on Symbian^3
Real Golf 2011 HD roll out

Nokia Messaging and Mail for Exchange updates for 5800, 5530 and X6
Update on the Symbian Foundation website closure
Kindle for Symbian, leads to discussion of Nokia and Amazon
One, two of three homescreens?

мото эвакуация

Tic Tac Toe Holiday game available from OVI Store

Via Biskero, the Tic Tac Toe Holiday mobile game is available for free download for all Nokia touch devices from the OVI Store.

“Tic Tac Toe Holiday classic game. Get into the Holidays spirit. Play against your phone from 4 different levels: EASY, NORMAL, EXPERT and CHAMPION. The game keeps the score [...]

Kero Mobile 1400 apps in 1 available from OVI Store

Kero Mobile has reached 1400 applications, games and more, supporting all new Nokia Symbian^3 devices.

1400 applications
197 countries
88 mobile phones

Also Kero Mobile latest OVI Store statistics were released:
Download: top country

Russian Federation

Download: top devices

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
Nokia 5233
Nokia 5230
Nokia X6

If you have a Nokia touch device such as the Nokia N8 you can download Kero Mobile [...]

Nokia Projects gets a refresh

Nokia Projects got a site refresh and get a look at the listed projects.

Web-based project management with version control, discussion forums, ticketing and more
Multiple version control systems: SVN, Git, Mercurial
Connect to expertise in the world’s largest mobile developer community


Nokia C5-03 announced

Today Nokia, announced a new device, the Nokia C5-03 which is a S60 5th edition touch-edition. I assume is a Flash Lite 3.0 enabled device.


OVI Store statistics from September

Here some interesting OVI Store statistics from September posted on Forum Nokia site on Content, Markets, Billing, Devices, Countries etc.


2010 Calling All Innovators – North America developer contest

Another great contest from Nokia, this time in USA, 2010 Calling All Innovators contest from Nokia and ATT with a $10M prize!
More infos about the categories
“You can build apps for the Nokia N8 in three ways depending on your existing skills or aspirations

Symbian, Android, iOS and developers: Nokia Qt SDK – the new way to build [...]

OVI AppWizard gets an upgrade

I just received an email from the  Nokia OVI AppWizard service as it got an upgrade.
“Now applications created with Ovi app wizard have a new design, reach more devices, and are easier to promote with the Ovi marketing tool.
New Design: All applications created with Ovi app wizard will have a new look. If you’ve already [...]

Nokia World 2010 and Developer Summit recap

I came back yesterday from Nokia World 2010 and Nokia Developer Summit and overall was a great event. The commitment from Nokia on new technologies, devices and OVI services was present in every spot of the conference. Nokia announced 4 new devices and also the availability of the Nokia N8:

Nokia E7
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia C3-01

The Nokia [...]

FlashLite4Nokia app finalist 2010 Calling All Innovator

The FlashLite4Nokia mobile application created using the OVI AppWizard is finalist 2010 Calling All Innovator. Please download it from the OVI Store!!!