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1Billion app downloads over the Holidays!

Via EngadgetMobile, looks like mobile application usage is exploding since over the holidays there were more than 1 Billion downloads on the various mobile application stores.
These are impressive numbers but also pose a challange for developers. On one side is a great opportunity but on the other is a very difficult business to be in.
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Samsung Developers launched

Samsung Developers launched. They merged a lot of resources in one place with great information about development, SDKs and more.
“Samsung Developers offers a new destination for developers working with Samsung smart devices, providing news and updates, feature rich content and lively forums for technical advice and support. Samsung Developers draws in all of Samsung’s current [...]

Samsung bada and Flash Lite standalone how to

As mentioned before Samsung bada has changed the way Flash Lite standalone content can be integrated. Here are the steps by steps procedure on how to create a standalone Flash Lite project.

Launch the Samsung bada IDE
Select File, New, bada Application Project

Once you have selected a new project:

Name your project
Select Project Type as bada Flash Base [...]

bada SDK 1.2.0b1 available, Flash Lite app model changed!

There is a new release bada SDK 1.2.0b1 available. The main change for this release is the way Flash Lite content is integrated:

Web app model and Flash app model

HTML/JavaScript or Flash SWF can be native apps without C++ coding.

This is great since there is no need anymore to do a C++ layer to perform Flash [...]

Mobile development silos are good for developers?

With today Nokia announcement to support only going forward of Qt and HTML5, developers are left with a hard decision, choose which mobile development silo to pick.
You have basically left with the choice to develop for:

Nokia: Qt
Android: Java
Apple: Object C
Samsung: bada

All of these development technologies are not compatible and are “silos” in every aspect. Each [...]

Samsung Wave and Flash Lite

I have been playing around with my Samsung Wave and Flash Lite 3.1. Most of the work is to create a bada application that integrates the Flash Lite content to listen for key events and other things.

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My new toy Samsung Wave, video unboxing

Thanks to Samsung Mobile Innovators Start here is my new toy: Samsung Wave

The screen is great and the phone response is really quick. Settings and navigation is very easy and intuitive. The Samsung Wave is base on the Samsung bada platform and it supports the Flash Lite 3.1.

Apple lifts ban on 3rd party tools, Flash back in?

Looks like Apple reversed ban on content created with 3rd party tools which includes Flash.
“We are continually trying to make the App Store even better. We have listened to our developers and taken much of their feedback to heart. Based on their input, today we are making some important changes to our [...]

Samsung bada and Flash Lite integration

I have been digging in Samsung bada and Flash Lite 3.1 which is supported by the Samsung Wave. I downloaded the Samsung bada SDK and played with the demos. The Flash Lite implementation is close to the MMI enviroment where Flash Lite can be used as UI element but at the same time be standalone [...]

Samsung sold 1M Samsung Wave phones

Via, Samsung sold 1M Samsung Wave phones. Remember that this phone is a Flash Lite 3.1 enabled phone and it’s based on Samsung bada platform.
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slides from bada developer day in London

There was a bada developer day in London and they have posted the slides from the pretensions.

Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro Flash Lite 3.1 enabled

Samsung announced two new devices, the Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro which based on bada platform should be Flash Lite 3.1 enabled.
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Samsung Mobile Innovator Stars launched

Today Samsung Mobile Innovator Stars is officially launched. Thanks to Samsung and I am happy to be part of the program.

“Samsung Mobile Innovator Stars are a select group of thought-leaders in the Samsung mobile ecosystem”
Samsung is the second largest OEM in the world and it’s pushing new platforms such as bada and Android in their [...]

Unboxing video for the Samsung Wave

Via, an unboxing video for the Samsung Wave.