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Nokia Developer Champion for one more year!

I am pretty happy to have my Nokia Developer Champion membership renewed for one more year! I am a Nokia Developer Champion since 2006.
It’s really great to be part of such great community of developers with Nokia.
кондиционер gree

Nokia Ovi Store 6 Million daily downloads

Via Nokia Developers, the Nokia OVI Store has reached 6M downloads per day.

300,000 new Nokia accounts are created daily
48,000 apps now available
190 countries and over 30 languages
121 operators across 42 countries

“By the end of May 2011, more than 170 developers had each exceeded 1 million downloads on Ovi Store. Among those developers, 15 companies [...]

Flash Lite game Tic Tac Toe Blue is #2 in Nokia OVI Store

Via Biskero blog, the Flash Lite game Tic Tac Toe Blue is #2 in the free game global category and in the arcade free game category in Nokia OVI Store.
“Tic Tac Toe Blue, a classic game. Play against your phone from 4 different levels: EASY, NORMAL, EXPERT and [...]

Mobile World Congress 2011 pictures

Came back from Barcelona yesterday while I was attending the Mobile World Congress 2011, here some pictures:

It was a great event with more than 60000 attendees. I went to several developers related events from Nokia, RIM, Windows Mobile, Intel and HP. Got couple of gifts, Nokia E7 and an Intel MeeGo tablet ! Will post [...]

OVI Store statistics from September

Here some interesting OVI Store statistics from September posted on Forum Nokia site on Content, Markets, Billing, Devices, Countries etc.


OVI AppWizard gets an upgrade

I just received an email from the  Nokia OVI AppWizard service as it got an upgrade.
“Now applications created with Ovi app wizard have a new design, reach more devices, and are easier to promote with the Ovi marketing tool.
New Design: All applications created with Ovi app wizard will have a new look. If you’ve already [...]

Nokia World 2010 and Developer Summit recap

I came back yesterday from Nokia World 2010 and Nokia Developer Summit and overall was a great event. The commitment from Nokia on new technologies, devices and OVI services was present in every spot of the conference. Nokia announced 4 new devices and also the availability of the Nokia N8:

Nokia E7
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia C3-01

The Nokia [...]

FlashLite4Nokia is in the 10 finalists for 2010 Calling All Innovator competition

Pretty happy to announced that the FlashLite4Nokia application is in the 10 finalists for 2010 Calling All Innovator comp.

Help me out to win Download from OVI Store.
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OVI Browser for S40

I was wrong, OVI Browser for S40 is a new browser for low end Nokia devices. Go to from your mobile phone to download.
“Ovi Browser brings rich web browsing to Series 40 devices that’s fast, easy, and saves on data charges. The browser is powered by patented cloud-based Internet compression technology that delivers advanced [...]

Flash Lite, Nokia and OVI Store a global opportunity

I wanted to share some information for the Flash Lite community which might not be clear to everyone. Flash Lite content distribution on OVI Store is now super easy and free.
OVI Store supports Flash Lite content for Nokia S60 and Nokia S40. Packaging has 2 main option based on the platform:

Nokia S60: Flash Lite Online [...]

OVI distribution: packaging and signing

Here is a great resource for packaging and signing for distributing content on the OVI Store.

“The packaging format for Flash Lite content distribution depends on the target environment. For Symbian devices, the content must be packaged into a SIS file, and for Series 40 devices, an NFL file.
SIS files must [...]

Nokia Devs site launched !

Here is a new site: Nokia Devs
“Nokia Devs is happy to welcome you in this new website, where you are invited to share your opinion, thoughts, applications and success stories related to Nokia mobile development.
Nokia Devs is not about technology, but about people: we’re looking for developers, publishers, designers and enthusiasts who want to share [...]

OVI Store success stories

Via Bill, here some success stories on the OVI Store.

Offscreen Technologies – 34 Million+ Downloads in 200+ Countries
Farm Frenzy – 6 Million+ Downloads in 200+ Countries
Lunaforte – 6 Million+ Downloads in 200+ Countries
Playlist DJ – 1 Million+ Downloads in 200+ Countries


Nokia Project: Flash Lite rss reader

I have just created a Nokia Project: Flash Lite rss reader
“A Flash Lite 1.1 rss reader composed of a client and server side components. The client is developed in Flash Lite 1.1 so that it can run on any Nokia device supporting Flash Lite 1.1 and above. The server side is a php 5 script [...]

Ovi App Wizard Discussion Forum Nokia Champions podcast

Recently Dale and myself got invited by Forum Nokia, Ung-Ping and Jason Black, to have a conversation on our experience using the Ovi App Wizard service. Here is the podcast:

Forum Nokia Podcasts: Episode 036 – Ovi App Wizard Discussion with FN Champions PART 1
Forum Nokia Podcasts: Episode 037 – Ovi App Wizard Discussion with FN [...]