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Skype 1.1 for Nokia available for download

Via AllAboutSymbian, Skype 1.1 is available for download via or from the Ovi Store


Skype available for Sony Ericsson and Symbian

Skype is now officially available for Sony Ericsson and Symbian phones.
“Skype announced today the availability of Skype on three Sony Ericsson smartphones based on the Symbian platform, the world’s most popular smartphone platform. Users of Sony Ericsson’s flagship smartphones Satio™, Vivaz™ and Vivaz™ pro can now use Skype on the move, over either a WiFi [...]

Skype for Nokia devices

Via EngadgetMobile, Skype is now available for Nokia devices, download it from

Skype beta for Symbian

Via IntoMobile, Skype beta for Symbian is available for download.

Skype mobile for download!

Skype client for your mobile phone is available for download.

Forum Nokia Inovation: UbiSafe

A new application is featured on Forum Nokia: UbiSafe

All About Symbian Insight 21: Skype, the 5320, Widgets and One-handed use

Via AllAboutSymbian, Insight 21 podcast: Skype, the 5320, Widgets and One-handed use.

Skype beta for mobile

Via AllAboutSymbian, Skype has released a beta version of a J2ME client. Just tried and works pretty well!! Super!!
“Skype has released an official mobile client. The application is written in Java so it should run on a variety of phones including both S60 and UIQ phones. The application uses an Internet connection for status and [...]

Forget the iPhone get a Nokia N800 with Flash 9 and Skype

Via IntoMobile, here is a cool device from Nokia which just add Flash 9 and Skype, the Nokia N800.


Fring not working on my Nokia N95

I installed Fring but as soon as it launches it say that it’s corrupted. Any ideas? Checked their forums but nothing!

Fring supports Skype, Talk, MSN and now SIP

Via S60 3rd Ed Apps Review, there is a new update for Fring. After MSN they add support for SIP, which allows you to integrate VoIP services using your mobile phone and Fring. So now they support Skype, Talk, MSN and SIP, way to go!!!


Skype petitions FCC for open cellular access

Via CNet, Skype petitions FCC for open cellular access. This action demonstrate that the only reason Skype does not have a mobile verison of their client for download is because the operator/carrier don’t want it. Now, I personally think that once I get the phone, the SIM and I pay my bill, I can do [...]

fring: free mobile VoIP over data conection on your phone

This seams to be a cool application: fring. It allows to make free calls to Skype and GoogleTalk via data connection of your phone. Of course you need a data plan or if you have Wi-Fi on your phone you are all set.

Check here cost savings and read their blogs. Here a review. It’s available [...]

Mobile Monday Boston: Mobile VoIP

The Mobile Monday Boston will have another meeting on January 8th at 7PM. This time the meeting location if the Nokia Research Center. The topic is Mobile VoIP, here more information. The meeting will be live streamed.

Bob Geiman: General Partner, Polaris Ventures. Bob is an industry expert on VOIP who sits on the board [...]

Skype 3 is out!

Skype 3 Beta is out! Still waiting for a client for my mobile phones.


Skype 2.6 out, includes SkypeCast

Skype 2.6 is out and it includes SkypeCast.

Skype Zones

Here another Skype service: Skype Zones. If you are a Wi-Fi user this is an interesting service that will save you some money! “a beta service that allows you to access Skype and make calls from your own laptop in more than 18,000 Skype-friendly hotspots around the world”.
I am still waiting for the Skype mobile [...]