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Nokia Web Browser Design Guide

Here an interesting white paper from Forum Nokia: Web Browser Design guide. Very interesting reading which includes some information on the Flash Lite plugin and how to detect if the browser has Flash Lite support, but not the version!

Slides for the S60 runtimes presentation on SVSIG

Hartti posted his presentation with some Flash Lite information for the Silicon Valley Symbian Programming SIG. Check his post on Forum Nokia Blog.
The structure of the presentation basically is

Overview of S60
Overview of Java ME, Flash Lite, Python
Comparing Java ME, Flash Lite, Python from different angles
Some background material on Java ME security and Symbian platform security


Microsoft Silverlight on Windows Mobile

Via innerfuse, a video of Microsoft Silverlight on Windows Mobile. Couple of interesting things to note, it’s based on Vector Graphics and it seems a competitor of Flash Lite.
Interesting but not too many information regarding the mobile version.

Developer Guidelines for Flash Lite 1.1 and SVG

Sony Ericsson has published the Developer Guidelines for Flash Lite 1.1 and SVG. I wanted to have some feedback from someone who has some of these phones to be sure of the information contained in the docs.
There are some miss information. At page 8 there is a table that summarize the Flash Lite features for [...]

Nokia Web Browser Design Guide

Via S60 Browser, on the Forum Nokia there is a new page dedicate to the new Nokia Web Browser. Nokia will post more information in the coming months. Here what they plan to publish:
The series of articles will cover the following subjects:

Discovering the Nokia Web Browser
Basic layout example
CSS [...]

Creating Screen Savers for S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 Devices with Flash Lite 2.0

Via Forum Nokia, a video showing how to create a screensavers for Nokia S60 3rd Ed FP1 phones using animated GIF, animated SVG Tiny, and Flash Lite from Adobe. The video shows 3 examples for the 3 formats.
What does it mean? Well S60 3rd FP1 Nokia phones, such has the Nokia N95, supports Flash Lite [...]

Making a simple SWF launcher with Nokia Carbide.c++ IDE (for Symbian 3rd Edition)

A new article on the Adobe Mobile and Devices site: Making a simple SWF laucher with Nokia Carbide.c++ IDE (for Symabina 3rd Edition). The author is Leonardo.

Remember that there are several differences between Nokia S60 3rd Editions and previous platforms. For example you need to create the icons using SVG.

Symbian Java Platform 3 updated to feature JSR 226 (SVG)

Via AllAboutSymbian, Sony Ericsson added JSR 226 to its Symbian Java Platfrom version 3 which adds support for SVG Tiny. Here more information from the Sony Ericsson site.

“Typically, Basic and Tiny are labeled together as SVG Mobile. The mobile subset of the SVG specification, called SVGT or SVG Tiny, has been adopted by the 3GPP, [...]

Mobile Search Development site:

A new mobile search site created by Forum Nokia Champion Maxmiliano,  mobiledevsearch, dedicated to Java ME (J2ME), Symbian, .NET Compact Framework, Flash Lite and other Mobile Content.

White paper: Creating an Effective Mobile User Experience

My friend Matt from Mobile Modnday Boston sent me an email with an interesting white paper from Adobe Japan: Creating and Effective Mobile User Experience. Some stats are old but the other information still apply. Very interesting reading.
Also is avalable this past Mobile Monday Boston meeting recording.

Pythons S60, new release

Via AllAboutSymbian, Nokia released Python S60 1.3.11 which supports SVG and both Nokia 3rd and 2nd edition. Check here for discussions on Discussion Forum Nokia about Python S60.
I wonder if Nokia will ever integrate Python S60 in a phone.

SVG enabled phones

Here is a great resource about SVG enabled phones. Remember that most of the smartphones support SVG.

Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition 3.1 for Symbian OS

Forum Nokia released a new tool to create themes: Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition 3.1. “Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition for Symbian OS is a tool that enables the creation of packages to customize the appearance of the user interface on S60 devices.” “Once a theme has been created, the tool will package it into a Symbian [...]

Chumby an Alarm clock with Flash Lite 2.0

Today there was a news regarding this gadget called Chumby. It was shown at the O’Reilly FOO Camp by its creators. The interesting part of this gadget is that it can run Flash Lite 2.0 content but also can be hacked both software and hardware. Most important its creators are asking for it, which is [...]

S60 Theme and SWF to SVG conversion

Carlo pointed me to a couple of interesting posts:

S60 Theme Sketching Templates
Covert SWF to SVG


Flash Lite gets attention from Mobile Monday

This is great, I just noticed that Mobile Monday of April 3rd around the world will have Flash Lite in their presentations:

Mobile Monday Boston
Mobile Monday Silicon Valley
Mobile Monday Melbourne
Mobile Monday Vancouver


Mobile Monday Silicon Valley and Flash Lite

Mobile Monday Silicon Valley next month will look at SVG and Flash Lite.

Nokia Flash Lite courses

Marco found this interesting news from Nokia, regarding Flash Lite courses offered by Nokia. I think this is a great news since it demonstrates Nokia commitment to Flash Lite.
Other courses include Java MIDP, Symbian C++ and SIP, Nokia UI and Usability