iPhone 5 announced, anything new?

So the iPhone 5 was announced and not much innovation is to be found on the new hardware! Bigger screen and normal hardware evolution. A new connector (money maker!). No NFC, no wireless charging or anything that could innovate. Ofcourse iOS 6 will come out and add new feature to the new device and current ones. but I am surprised that no real innovation came out from this announcement.



  1. Richard says:

    Interesting that you consider copying things that other companies have done to be innovative…

  2. biskero says:

    it’s called using standards! that’s what Apple is always avoiding or trying to cripple in their devices.

  3. frank says:

    When they produced the first iphone it was like a revolution. All newer models are just a very small upgrade. The real fans will buy the new versions anyway, but actually I don’t think there is much to improve accept for adding new real phone standards.

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