Mobile App Stores are wallet garder silos?!

After my previous post, Mobile App Stores 70/30 revenue split too little, is it a cartel?, Andrea posted a message on twitter which is a very well known issue for long time for anyone in the mobile space. Before there were carriers/operators that were the gate to get mobile content now OEM have been added to the mobile content market.

In fact is becoming even worst since many of these mobile application stores force developers to use very different mobile technologies.

  • Nokia OVI Store: Symbian C++, Qt, J2ME, WRT, Flash Lite
  • Samusng Market: Symbian, Java, Bada, Java (Android), Flash Lite, web apps
  • RIM: Java, web apps
  • Sony Ericsson PlayNow: J2ME, Symbian C++, Java (Android), Flash Lite, web apps
  • Google Android Market place: Java, web apps
  • Apple AppStore: Objective C, web apps
  • Microsoft: ….

(I am sure I am missing some technologies and of course more OEMs)

These are just some examples of OEM, now add Operators/Carriers around the world who mix and match their own technologies on top of devices. It’s becoming a real mess!!!


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