Mobile MXML and mobile Apollo

Interesting post about Apollo, the new platform from Adobe. If you look at the image RIA Technology Trends there is a hint about Mobile MXML.

So just a hint but important to understand where Adobe is pushing Flash Lite. Look at the FAQ.”03. Will you be able to download Apollo to mobile devices or is it strictly for the desktop?
Version 1.0 is targeted at desktops, future versions will target devices.”



  1. I think this is the classical Adobe’s answer :)
    I’m pretty sure that in a not so far future every flash content will go on mobile devices :)

  2. biskero says:

    Ciao Marco,

    agree, mobile is a key target !!

  3. [...] As always, Alessandro flips the lid on a few very interesting things this week, such as the hint as to where Adobe will be taking Apollo in future versions with mobile MXML. Marco points out a Breeze Presentation about the next-gen Apollo. [...]

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