Mobile Tools & Software

Here are some freeware Series 60 application tools that if you develope you must have:

Here is a list of software that will help to develop mobile applications

Flash Lite tools

Packaging tools to create a sis file

    This is a packaging tool for Flash Lite application on Series 60 phones. Check the requirements. It costs $40. It is a more complete solution then the above one. You can include in the sis: SWF, Text, an icon etc.
  • SWF2Go: SWF2Go is a professional toolkit for Adobe Flash Lite, which allows developers to create Symbian SIS installer and SWF launcher icon for Flash Lite applications.
  • Janus: Janus Symbian Edition is a professional tool for Flash Lite for Smartphones, which allows developers to create Symbian SIS installer for Flash Lite applications. Also, it allows you to extend Flash Lite functionalities using our custom made methods
  • Penrillian Packager for Symbian OS
  • KVT Symbian Installer
    This is a nice little free application that creates a .sis file for you.
  • Flash Lite 2.x: Mxim Framework

Video Converter

Flash Lite i-mode emulators from NTT DoCoMo

MobileReady Report: verify that a mobile web site meets standards. Go here.
Document resources:

Flash Lite templates for Flash MX 2004 Professional:

MXNA Web Services from Flash Lite

OEM UAPRofiles:

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